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Mahindra LoadMaster

Load away in a smart way!

Mahindra LoadMaster is an ideal heavy equipment machine for multi-purpose use in construction to move aside or load materials such as sand, asphalt, debris into the dump truck. The front-mounted square wide bucket connected to the end of two booms helps to move an assembled material from ground level and deposit it into an awaiting dump truck or shift it to other side. It has been validated on all performance, safety and reliability parameters. It not only increases your productivity but also offers unmatched fuel economy, superior style and operator comfort.


    Mahindra DITEC Turbocharged Intercooled Engine 4795 lA/ 4805 lA
    No. of Cylinders 4
    Displacement 3532 cc
    Gross Horse Power 83 [email protected] RPM
    Peak Gross Torque 321 [email protected] 1300-1700 RPM

    Loader Bucket Breakout Force 6243 kg
    Loader Arm Breakout force 5594 kg
    Loader Lift Capacity at full height 3889 kg

    Hydraulic Tank 50 litres every 2000 hours
    Fuel Tank 120 litres
    Engine Content 17 litres every 1000 hours
    Engine Oil 13 litres every 5000 hours
    Transmission 8 litres every 1000 hours
    Rear Axle 17.1 litres 1500 hours
  • Tyres

    Standard (Industrial) Option (Heavy Duty)
    Front 9 X 16-16PR 9 X 16-16PR
    Rear 16.9 X 28-12PR 14 X 25-20PR
  • Tyre Pressure

    Industrial Heavy
    Front 725 KPS
    Rear 250KPs 475 KPs
  • Loader Static Dimension

    AA Overall length 5650
    AB Wheelbase 2175
    AC Ground Clearance (Counter weight) 400
    AE Height to top of Cab 2967
    AG Track Width Rear 1720
    AH Track Width Front 1914
    AJ Width Over Bucket 2404
    AK Max Length From Front Axle Center(Carry Position) 1815
    AL Max Length From Rear Axle Center(Carry Position) 1560
    AM Width During Transport Condition 2344
    AD Minimum Ground Clearance( Front Axle)-2WD 290
  • Loader Performance

    M Dump Height 2716
    N Load Over Height 3276
    O Pin Height 3479
    P Pin Forward Reach 209
    Q Reach at Ground 1335
    R Max Reach at Full Height 1091
    S Reach at Full Height- Bucket Dump 698
    T Below Ground Level Dig Depth- 2WD 100
    U Roll Back Angle at Ground 440
    V Dump Angle 440
    W Roll Back Angle at Max Lift 490
    X Overall Height Bucket Raised 4415
    1 Bucket Breakout Force 6243 kg
    2 Loader Arm Breakout Force 5594 kg
    Shovel(optional 6 in 1 Bucket) 1.1 cuM
  • Turning Radius

    Inner Wheel Braked
    Turning Radius Outside Bucket-2WD 4670mm
    Turning Radius Outside Wheels-2WD 3490mm
    Inner Wheel Not Braked
    Turning Radius Outside Bucket-2WD 5660mm
    Turning Radius Outside Wheels-2WD 4445mm
  • Shipping Weight of Vehicle

    Net Weight of Machine with Ind Tyres 7700kg
    Net Weight of Machine with HD Tyres 7860kg