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Mahindra EarthMaster the Next Generation Backhoe Loader Comes with REMOTE CARE

Don't know what is happening to your machine when you're not with it? With Mahindra Construction Equipment this is a thing of the past.

The Mahindra Construction Equipment comes with REMOTECARE feature, the first and only one of its kind in Construction Equipment in India. REMOTECARE takes freedom to the next level. It is an intelligent communication system that keeps the business owner or fleet manager constantly informed about the machine through mobile phone based SMS updates. This allows customers to BREAKFREE from lack of control over business, and helps them manage their fleets from the comforts of their office, car or home.

Be it business information like daily work reports, fuel level, or warnings like low fuel, filter clogging and low engine oil, get constant updates on your Mahindra Construction Equipment. And know what's happening with it 24X7.

REMOTECARE is a smart system which has intelligent sensors built in. These sensors are capable of sensing and detecting critical faults in time and by giving an advance warning to the owner help maintain the health of the machine. Since it is preventative in nature, it helps prevent major breakdown. The system also sends out an SMS to the Service call centre of Mahindra Construction Equipment which in turn informs the nearby dealer about the same. 

These are the messages you will receive on your registered mobile number:

  • Diesel Level
  • Engine Oil Pressure
  • Transmission Oil Pressure
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Transmission Oil Temperature
  • Air Filter Clogging
  • Hydraulic Oil Filter Clogging
  • Battery Charge Status
  • EGR System status
  • Diesel Filter Contamination

Not just this, the owner can call up his machine using his mobile phone. The intelligent REMOTECARE system returns an SMS which gives the owner important details of fuel level in tank, hour meter reading and odometer reading, all in a simple message. This helps the owner to remotely monitor the work done and fuel consumed. 

With REMOTECARE you enjoy complete control of your machine 24x7, anywhere and anytime. 

REMOTECARE is available as an optional offering bythe Mahindra Construction Equipment.