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with you hamesha - 1800-547-0086 
  • Mahindra Forklift


  • Forks are highly versatile and rugged tool, designed to move bulky palletized material, pipe and pole, liquid containers and timbers at construction sites, plants etc.
  • Carriage mounted forks comprises of forged steel forks mounted directly on carriage.
  • Self levelling loader linkage mechanism help to keep fork position horizontal.
  • Configurable tines spacing can be increased or decreased as per load size.
  • Palletization helps to shift load faster and better housekeeping.
  • Risers on the up corners of the frame support oversize loads.

Lift capacity 2 Ton
Fork tine length 1000 mm
Weight 150 kg
Width 1522 mm

  • Industrial - Stacking Palletized Loads
  • Port - Stacking Palletized Loads
  • Construction Site - Moving cans, other objects
  • Real State - Moving Cans, Palletized Loads