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Ripper Teeth

  • The 5 tine ripper teeth attachment is mounted at the rear of the Motor grader and is perfect for breaking hard packed aggregates like asphalt.
  • The design of the ripper teeth attachment allows for the ripping across the working range to be consistent.
  • The design of the ripper teeth tines is such that it provides for easy penetration while prolonging the life of the tine tip.
  • The attachment keeps the ripping depth, material break, and mixing of aggregates consistent due to its robust design.

Ripper length from front tyers at ground level 1715(+-)9
Ripper Height Above Ground 561(+-)10
Ripper Digging depth 240(+-)10
Dozer length from Rear tyers in transport condition D 1730(+-)9
Vehicle Transport length with Ripper 8515(+-)42.5
Number of Rippers shank modules 5
Rippers shank holder spacing 403(+-)2

  • Road Construction - Breaking up hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt etc.
  • Hard surface Loosening - such as compacted earth