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Maintenance Tips

  1. Always maintain fuel level above 30% of the fuel tank capacity to avoid air lock problem.
  2. If engine shuts of frequently due to air trap, check if fuel filter or water separator are chocked or suction line is loose. Bleed the fuel system so that the air blockage is removed.
  3. Don’t crank the starter motor for more than 15 seconds while starting. Keep a minimum gap of 10 seconds between each cranking to avoid major damage to the starter motor.
  4. To increase life of the turbo charger do not accelerate the engine immediately on starting and keep the engine on idle for minimum 2 minutes before stopping the engine.
  5. Primary air filter should be cleaned at 50 hours or when the warning appears on the cluster without fail.
  6. While cleaning the air filter always blow the air from inside to outside and never tap on the filter as the filter may get damaged and can cause engine failure.
  7. Replace both primary and secondary air filter at intervals recommended by the manufacturer. For Mahindra EarthMaster the change interval is 1000 hours for both primary and secondary air filters.
  8. If engine oil pressure drops, check the engine oil level and for any external leakages. If the oil level is low then top up the oil level and if the oil level is high then it indicates diesel mixing with the engine oil. If the problem still persists call the authorized dealer.
  9. If the engine oil indicator shows low even after top up then check for defective electrical connections or engine oil filter clogging or engine oil cooler clogging.
  10. Always check the engine coolant level only when the engine is cold.
  11. Transmission oil levels should be checked by running engine on idle and when the transmission oil cold. The transmission oil level in this case should fall between "MAX" and "MIN" marks on the dipstick.
  12. To increase the life of engine components always dead crank the engine for 10 seconds after completing the engine service to ensure sufficient lubrication of the engine components before starting.

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