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with you hamesha - 1800-547-0086 

Dozer Blade

  • The Dozer blade attachment at the front of the Motor Grader comes in handy for tasks that are difficult for a Mouldboard.
  • The 1.9 m wide dozer attachment can conveniently be used for bulldozing jobs, removing dirt, gravel, removing small stumps, clearing fallen rocks from other road grading applications to name a few.
  • The robust rugged design of the attachment is ideal for adequate visibility around the dozer blade for efficiency and ease of operation Specifications

Dozer length from front tyers at ground level 1284(+-)6.5
Dozer Height Above Ground 585(+-)10
Dozer balde Height 769(+-)10
Dozer Blade Width 1980(+-)10
Dozer length from front tyers in transport condition 1500(+-)7.5
Vehicle Transport length with Dozer 8700(+-)43.5

  • Land Development - Land scrapping, Dozing, Levelling etc.
  • Clearing Debris, Cleaning road blockages
  • Road Construction