Backhoe loaders, road graders and other such construction machinery are typically bulky, rugged equipment purchased and deployed by construction companies and contractors for various types of infrastructure construction projects. From the customer’s standpoint, construction equipment is a big ticket purchase that needs due homework and evaluation at the consideration and purchase stages.

Considering the rapid advancement, especially technological advancement using robotics and other emerging tech in newer generations of construction machines, their efficiency and performance has improved manifold. But this obviously has an impact on the overall product cost as well. Therefore the challenge for OEMs – to continuously calibrate their offerings, so as to achieve a balance between the machine performance and its cost.

Cost of ownership of a construction machine such as backhoe loader for instance, will mean not just the purchase price of the equipment but also the costs related to maintenance, repair and spare parts. Hence it becomes important to determine the long term value that a piece of construction equipment will likely deliver. And given the nature of work such machines are expected to do, buyers definitely look for and expect optimal performance and good returns during the total lifespan of the machine.

Among the OEMs in India who have successfully managed to strike a balance between machine performance and cost, is Mahindra Construction Equipment. With the next gen BSIV compliant Mahindra EarthMaster series, Mahindra Construction Equipment is able to offer customers the twin benefits of superior performance at an affordable cost.

Powered by Mahindra’s proven CRDI engine which delivers best-in-class fuel efficiency, the Mahindra EarthMaster BSIV 74 HP comes with a performance guarantee of the highest productivity per litre of diesel. Our customers also receive an uptime guarantee that in the event of a breakdown, they will get their machine back in action within 48 hours. Such measures not only increase machine productivity, they actually boost our customer’s business by translating into greater savings and profits; thereby making the Mahindra EarthMaster among the most efficient and economical backhoe loaders in the market.

We have further enhanced the performance and efficiency of our machines with the game-changing Mahindra iMAXX Telematics technology. It comes in-built in the latest gen EarthMaster and puts total control of the machine and business in the hands of our customer. The real-time monitoring, tracking and reporting on every aspect of the vehicle’s operation allows for timely service intervention; saving cost, extending machine life and ultimately improving productivity.

All these factors combined have enabled Mahindra Construction Equipment to strike the right balance between performance and overall cost, and offer an attractive product with maximum ROI to buyers