Backhoe loaders are some of the most abused machines in the construction industry given how difficult it is to continuously monitor the machine in real time. These days newer technology is being developed so that it becomes difficult to tamper with the machine and to ensure that the machine can not be abused. While the new machines come loaded with such technology, there are very few owners who realise how much the new remote monitoring technology can help them. Here is a brief take on why and how the backhoe loaders can be monitored remotely

Why backhoes need to be monitored?

1. To counter fuel theft: Fuel theft is a major problem for backhoe loader owners. One can not distinguish between fuel used for operating the machine and the fuel used for transporting the machine. This gives operators the easy way out to operate the machine for their personal use and earn extra income at the owners expense. The industry standard fuel loss monthly is about 6% or approximately Rs 9000/- a month at the rate of 6 litre fuel every day and more than Rs 300/- per day.

2. Unauthorised usage: The machine is very often used for unauthorised work if the operators do not steal fuel. Usually the machine costs are Rs 1000 per hour and with just 10 hours of unauthorised work the operator can earn 10,000 Rs a month if not more. The hours meter and fuel meters can easily be tampered with to cause losses to the owner.

3. Operation by un-skilled operators: Machines operated by unskilled operators tend to consume more fuel as compared towhee operated by skilled operators. Similarly when pirated by unskilled operators the machines undergo wear and tear at a much faster rate.

The new Mahindra Earthmaster comes with remote monitoring technology. The Earthmaster is a completely indigenous machine that is created to be remotely monitored in even the most remote locations of the country. The Earthaster can be monitored remotely via sms. The machine gives the owner regular sms about the machine’s location, how may hours the machine is in use and the fuel levels before and after using the machine. Additionally the machine comes with a digital log that keeps a digital log of the machine’s usage and efficiency.

Internationally, GPS technology is used to remote monitor the machines. But given the lack of infrastructure in India, using GPS for remote monitoring the machines is still a distant dream but is countered by adapting the technology to suit the India scenario.

For machines that lack remote monitoring technology being inbuilt, there are independent softwares that can be integrated with the machines to remotely monitor the machines. The new technology makes it easier for the owners to safeguard their machines and investments.

New technology like this in the machines help the owner make the most of their invested and get timely returns on their investments by minimising the losses due to unauthorised use and abuse by the operators.