4.7 million Kilometre that is the length of the road network across India. Numbers make it the second largest road network in the world, but quality wise it’s a different story altogether. Given India’s population, economic goals and the overall area to be covered we are still lagging behind trying to meet International standards of road density and quality. Standards are as high as 15 and 20kms of high quality roads per 1000 people. Internationally the bar is set quiet high and the new government not only seems to be determined to meet the bar but raise it too!

Keeping these stats in mind, here are some interesting things to know about the road construction machines that make these plans of a denser and better road network become a reality.

1. Motor Grader: A motor grader is an earth moving equipment that creates an evenly flat surface to lay the asphalt. Most motor grader models are tri-axle, two rear ones and one on the front with a long blade in between. The engine and cab are usually located above the rear axles. A motor grader lays the foundation for an evenly flat road.

2. Asphalt Mixing Plant: This mixing plant is what is used to manufacture road stone like asphalt, cement and other coated road stones. This mixing plant is a quintessential road construction machine without which the road construction process would take much longer and cost much higher. The plant combines various individual elements like sand, mineral, fillers, cement, fillers etc. in the appropriate proportion to lay on the road. The plant keeps the mixture hot so it doesn’t set before it is laid down on the road.

3. Road Roller: A road roller is one of the heaviest machines used in road construction. Once the asphalt is laid down on the road in several layers, the road roller is used to press it down in place. A road roller presses the asphalt in place and binds the various layers together to form a strong road that can sustain wear and tear over time. Rubber drum rollers, double drum rollers and a combination of the two are the most preferred type of rollers.

4. Excavators, Backhoes: These are earth moving equipment used to dig and clear land to make it suitable for the road. This equipment can be used to break asphalt on old roads and clear it to make way for the new asphalt roads. Backhoes and excavators are also used to carry dug earth from one place to another and also to fill up the trenches that were dug. These act as material handling equipment too, making things easier on the job site.

These are just some of the basic machines that are required on a road construction site. Over the years with developing technology, the whole process of road construction has sped up to meet the growing need for infrastructure around the world to keep pace with its population and its high ambitions.