Construction activity, whether commercial such as the building of roads, highways, dams, railways or even industrial and residential construction projects, are often large scale in nature and typically go on for a long duration over many months and even over a year. Success of such projects depends upon several parameters which involve intensive planning and management. Primary among these is the planning, budgeting and management of the overall project cost.

Equipment as a Cost Head

When we talk about the factors which impact cost of a construction project, the machine or equipment price is definitely a significant cost head and makes up a major part of the total project cost, along with other incurred costs such as labour, material and so on.

Grader Use, Cost and Selection

Motor graders are the most frequently deployed heavy earthmoving equipment at most construction, building and even mining sites. This is because of their versatility in being able to perform a variety of tasks such as smoothening surfaces, fine grading and soil levelling.

As with other heavy construction equipment, graders are also an expensive piece of machinery. Apart from the initial purchase price, there are also costs related to maintenance, repair and spare parts during the entire product lifecycle.

However the investment in grader machines, whether purchased or taken on a rental basis, can be managed smartly to achieve business profitability by taking a well-informed decision about the productivity of various models available in the market.

Multiple factors affect the productivity of construction equipment such as graders. These can be bucketed in two sets;

  • Controllable factors which are primarily related to various aspects of the equipment itself,
  • Uncontrollable factors that pertain to external working conditions at the construction site.

Selecting a grader machine that delivers optimal and efficient performance will ensure higher productivity and have a positive impact on the project cost in terms of better profitability

Mahindra RoadMaster series of grader machines is among the latest tech-advanced, CEV-IV ready and efficient graders, specifically suited to Indian conditions and various construction projects.

Mahindra RoadMaster G9595

Mahindra RoadMaster G9075

Profitability-Enhancing Features of Mahindra RoadMaster Models

  • Highly optimized machine with new improved hydraulics and bigger gear pump for increased per-hour productivity
  • Longer moldboard with blade length of 3000 mm ensures better quality of work and better finishing
  • 100% Mechanical Differential Lock generates greater power and equal distribution of motion to the rear tyres, ensuring enhanced grading performance
  • Ergonomically designed cabin with AC/heater, fan, mobile and bottle holder, music system and coat hanger
  • Dampening cylinder ensures more comfort to the operator and better finishing during final cut of grading
  • Mahindra IMAXX Telematics technology provides real-time vehicle updates with a range of vehicle performance reports, predictive monitoring, alerts and analysis, allowing total control of your vehicle and business.

Both RoadMaster G9595 and G9075 models are powered by Mahindra’s proven CEV IV CRDI engine which offers best-in-class fuel efficiency and is low maintenance thereby ensuring better savings in the project cost.