Backhoe loaders in themselves are amazingly versatile machines. Backhoe loaders are favourites of industry experts across the globe. Being a favourite doesnt keep the machine from becoming outdated or obsolete though. We live in the day and age where machines are required to single handedly perform multiple tasks. Multi functional machines are the trend of the changing times. The backhoe loader while versatile will have to adhere to the trend if its market share has to be kept safe. Attachments for a backhoe loader are the answer to the multi function machine dilemma. Lets take a look at some attachments that anyone with a Mahindra backhoe loader should have in their corner to win at the game.

6 in 1 bucket: The bucket is call ed 6 in 1 for the reason that it can single handedly perform the six functions of digging, loading, grading, dozing, back filling and grabbing across various. This single attachments helps the backhoe loader be used for various functions across industrial applications, road construction, real estate, solid waste management for the municipality and even agricultural farm applications.

The 6 in 1 bucket has a capacity of 1.1 cum with a 2356mm width and 839mm max bucket opening. Weighing at 698 kg, the 6 in 1 bucket is easily the most coveted backhoe loader attachment in the Indian market today. The versatility and durability of this bucket lets the owner take up jobs across industries and that of varied difficulty levels without having to spend extra on allied equipments. This versatile attachment helps make the already versatile backhoe loader even more versatile.

The bucket is designed for optimum compatibility performance and durability and can operate by standard auxiliary circuit of the loader. Twin cylinder backed higher clamping force and teethed clamp assembly side plate helps to grasp large irregularly shaped objects suchas trees ,loose stumps, brushes, recyclingdebrisandpipes.

Jib crane: This attachments helps the backhoe loader become a material handling equipment with ease. The jib crane attachments ensure that the backhoe can be used on construction sites, for laying pipes and for lifting and moving material on the job site. The attachment is perfect to move goods that are non standard in shape and size from one part of the site to another. With a 1 ton capacity and 4750 mm lift height, the attachment boosts the work handling capacity of the backhoe loader, making it a multi- functional machine. The attachment comes with self levelling linkage mechanism to help keep the position the crane horizontal. The attachment is easily interchangeable with the standard loader bucket and very easy to mount on the loader too.

Pole Erector: A pole erector comes in handy for setting up overhead electricity distribution poles, farm fencing, industrial fencing, wooden log handling and street light pole handling amongst other things. This one attachments make the backhoe perfectly suited to both rural and urban india and its varied needs. The Pole rector from MCE can easily handle pole lengths upto 17 meters and weights upto 650 kgs. Erecting a pole with one of these attachments gets the work done upto 20 times faster than manual operations while saving 50% in costs as compared to maul operations. The backhoe attachments works 4 times faster as compared to the tractor attachment. Simply put the attachment means higher productivity and improved profitability for the contractor.

This attachment from the house of Mahindra Construction Equipment provides machine stability as per international norms while handling standard pole size. Additionally it gives 30% better pole length and weight handling capacity as compared to its competitors. Add to that the comfort, safety due to the cabin availability of the backhoe loader and minimal fatigue for operator due to clutch free operations. The attachment comes with ergonomically optimised single lever operation for rotation and clamping.

Ripper Teeth: This attachment comes in handy at road construction sites. The attachment works well for breaking top layer of road surfaces like concrete, asphalt etc. It even works well for loosening hard compacted surfaces. Weighing at 105 kgs, it has a fabricated body with replaceable teeth for a lasting life. The attachment is fabricated with wear resistant material to increase the life and reduce the wear and tear. It helps reduce the stress load on the digging component of the machine thereby giving longer service life to other parts as well. The ripper teeth attachments helps avoid damage to the hydraulic pump and prevents structural damage too. It is compatible with manual quick hitch coupler for faster changeover.

These four simple attachments can prove to be a boon to any backhoe loader owner. The attachments help increase the scope of work the backhoe can handle there by adding to the uptime and eventually the profits that the backhoe garners for its owner.