As our environment is increasingly being threatened by the amount of pollution that is generated by the heavy construction equipment manufacturers in the segment are coming forward with green machines and various steps to make the environment pollution free. In line with this, the CE manufacturing companies are now focussing on making equipment which emit far lesser amount of smoke and offer great fuel efficiency. This is because CE are one of the leading contributors to dangerous diesel pollution.

Environmentally friendly construction equipment and methods

Let’s take a look at the changes made in the CE to make them environmentally friendly.

  • These days, the heavy construction equipment come with electronic engines which lead to high horsepower. This high horsepower ensures lesser amount of smoke emission into the environment.
  • Since, the modern equipment have fully automatic systems, the fuel consumption is reduced considerably. This again leads to less smoke emission and pollution.
  • As against the earlier machines which demanded a lot of maintenance due to frequent breakdowns, the present day equipment are very technologically advanced. Due to this, there are less breakdowns, thus, resulting in less requirement for replacement of parts.
  • The development of rental market in the country has also lead to the CE segment to move forward on the green path as reuse means utilising the existing resources.
  • There are many prominent CE manufacturing companies in India which have started to take some of the green steps mentioned above and have adopted newer technologies to ensure that their equipment is completely environment-friendly. Among such pioneering Indian companies is Mahindra Construction Equipment.

    Mahindra EarthMaster VX model: Truly environment-friendly equipment

    Understanding the need of the hour i.e., saving the environment, Mahindra Construction Equipment has come up with the Mahindra EarthMaster VX backhoe loader model which in all capacities is an environment-friendly equipment. It is substantially a superior machine with dramatically less maintenance requirement, better operational kinematics and dynamics and a phenomenal fuel efficiency that saves at least a litre per hour.

    Mahindra EarthMaster VX backhoe loader offers best-in-class fuel efficiency of 4.5* litres per hour as it has the proven Mahindra DITEC engine which has been tried and tested by the company. With flat torque curve, it provides saving of 10 per cent in standard evacuation cycle. It comes with 4 compact cylinders and engine of 3532cc. It is also BS III pollution compliant.

    Further, with better technology and design enhancements, the equipment is capable of lowering lubricant refilling requirement and sustaining extended service intervals, thus, reducing the overall maintenance cost and improving fuel efficiency. The equipment requires 50 litres of hydraulic oil with 2000 hours change interval. Then 17.10 litres of real axle oil requirement is there with 1500 hours change interval. The engine oil requirement is 14 litres with 500 hours change interval and the transmission oil requirement is 8 litres with 1000 hours change interval.

    What more? Mahindra Construction Equipment has also entered rental business to ensure optimum utilisation of resources. Apart from having a fresh range of backhoe loaders, they have the equipment available on rent as well and the rental costs are quite competitive too.

    So to say…

    Environment-friendly equipment are not only beneficial for the eco-system, but also for the construction companies as it can reduce the overall cost of maintenance of the equipment. Realising this trend, CE manufacturing companies are now focusing on making green equipment that emit far lesser amount of smoke and give energy as well fuel efficiency. So, the time has come to go green!