Change is the name of the game and when it comes to construction equipment. In the past decade change has been faster as compared to the earlier times. When it comes to construction equipment it has been about incorporating the latest software and hardware technologies in to the machines for better performing machines. Over the years, even the buyers have evolved, and evolved to a level where they know what their options are and what is it exactly that they require in their machines. With the advent of the internet age and easy financing options, the buyer has become demanding in terms of both the actual product and the post sales services. It is no longer enough to just have a good machine in the market, the after sales services have become an integral part of the package.

The latest evolution is that of multi functional machines which will come to dominate the market in times to come. Multi functional machines are best suited to small and medium sized players in the market. This multi function requirement is met by use of attachments. Brands are recognising the increasing market requirement for attachments that let a single machine perform various functions on the job sites.

The house of Mahindra Construction equipment has come up with an assorted range of attachments compatible with the beloved EarthMaster. Attachments ranging from earth drills/ augers, rock breakers, dozer blades, various types of buckets for different job sites, sugar crane grabbers, jib crane, fork lift, pole erectors and even lubrication systems and quick couplers add to the versatility of the Earth master.

Mahindra as a brand has been long known to manufacture quality products made in India and made for India. The brand is a trusted name across both the rural and urban markets which have long associated the house of Mahindra with quality machines be it vehicles, tractors or heavy machinery. With the brand you can be sure of affordable quality spare parts being easily available across the country, a wide network of service centres and executives in addition to various financing options. Simply put the brand name can be trusted for end to end quality product and services across the country making it a top choice for buyers across India.

The brain yards at Mahindra Construction equipments understand that in the current market dominated by a new influx of small and medium sized players, it is no longer viable to manufacture only single purpose machines. They have come up with an assorted list of attachments that when used with the earth master can repurpose the machine to single handedly perform tasks of various different machines like the bulldozer, jib cranes, fork lifts and many more machines. All with a simple change of an attachment inlace of the backhoe and or the loader.

Attachments form Mahindra Construction are designed and built to last a long time. Manufactured from reinforced metal, the attachments can withstand extreme working conditions and varied climatic conditions also with minimal wear and tear as compared to its competitors. As a matter of fact each of the individual attachments have proven to be better as compared to its closest competitors in terms of functionality, durability and cost saving. As compared to manual labour, these attachments help save more than 50% on time and monetary expenses if not more.

The attachments help re purpose the backhoe loader at a relatively very small price as compared to buying and or renting various machines. A backhoe loader with various attachments can easily do the job of a dozer to clear a patch of land and level it at the end of the task, with a jib crane attachments move various heavy materials across the job site and dig and drill with its various bucket and auger attachments. Attachments take up lesser space, cost much lesser, require lesser expense for storage and maintenance and easily take up various jobs at barely 10-20% the cost of a whole machine.

The attachments from MCE are designed to support the machine and improve the overall productivity of the machine. They help the owner take up more jobs across various tasks with a single machine and a few attachments at hand and relatively much lesser investment. The attachments are designed for quick changes and are easily compatible with the earth master to add to its productivity.

Simply put, attachments from Mahindra are quality products designed for increased productivity and longer durability of both the machine and the attachment. In the long term the attachments are a small investment that lead to larger profits in the longer run. Quality products, ease of availability, accessible service centres and flexible payment options are some reasons why one should opt for attachments from the house of Mahindra.