Motor graders are extensively used for road construction and maintenance. Like any other heavy equipment, the long working hours and hectic schedules cause the motor graders too to damage quiet easily and regularly which ultimately leads to machine failure, leading to delays and indefinite interruptions. Hence, it is extremely important to get the machine fixed from time to time from an excellent motor grader mechanic.

Here, it is imperative that the owners consult a well-trained and experienced mechanic. In fact, the presence of a mechanic on the site is not at all limited to just equipment damage repair but they are also required to perform regular maintenance of the equipment so that it performs with maximum efficiency. This requires presence of certain qualities in a motor grader mechanic. Owners of motor graders need to be very cautious when choosing the mechanic for the equipment.

Generally, motor grader mechanics repair, troubleshoot, adjust, overhaul and maintain the equipment. We list down some of the major characteristics of an excellent motor grader mechanic...

1. Natural aptitude for machinery: An excellent motor grader mechanic should be able to feel as well as see and hear the equipment.

2. Sharp observation skills for identifying the problem: One of the basic qualities of a motor grader mechanic is that they should be capable to identify the main problem in the equipment and recognise the underlying troubles by sharply observing and noticing the symptoms. It goes without saying that attention to minute detail for equipment repair is extremely necessary. Typically, motor grader mechanics should have the troubleshooting skills i.e., they should be able to look at the mechanical, hydraulic and electric systems to identify the problems.

3. Ability to resolve the problem of the equipment: For an excellent motor grader mechanic, merely identifying the problems; be it with the electric wires or the hydraulic system, is not enough. If the mechanic is not able to repair the equipment quickly, then he is not fit to be a motor grader mechanic. This is because of the fact that the longer it takes for the mechanic to identify the issue, provide a solution and carry out the necessary repair, the longer the machine is non-productive leading to considerable project delays and huge losses. Hence, the motor grader mechanics need to be well-trained to adjust the equipment and repair or replace defective parts, components or systems using hand and power tools. They should not only be able to repair the main machinery system but should also be able to service the attachments and other working tools of the equipment.

4. Awareness of the latest technology: Since new technologies are continuously coming up and introduced in the heavy machinery like motor graders, it is imperative for the motor grader mechanics to be abreast about such innovations and up-gradations in the field. An excellent motor grader mechanic needs to be well-aware of these latest technologies, software and various other innovations so that he is not only able to fix the equipment but improve its productivity and efficiency as well.

5. Strong communication skills: An excellent motor grader mechanic should have good communication skills as well so that he is able to communicate with the owner of the machine and explain clearly his points to fix or repair the equipment as soon as possible. He should also be a good listener so that he understands what the owner is saying and carries out his instructions at all times. A good owner-mechanic relation is always beneficial and motor grader mechanic should be able to nurture this relationship.

6. Mechanical skills: An excellent motor grader should be well-aware of the various parts and components of the complex machinery and engines. He should also know about the various tools so as to fix the equipment easily.

7. Technical skills: Knowing only the mechanics of the equipment is not enough for the motor grader mechanics. They should be familiar with the electronics of the equipment as well and should be able to use electronic diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot the repairs.

8. Physical stamina: Repairing motor graders can be physically strenuous and demanding, hence, physical strength and stamina is also very important for the mechanics so as to enable them to skilfully handle the equipment for long hours. They often have to work with grease, oil, dirt and diesel fuel and are exposed to fumes and noise. Hence, being physically strong only helps them in their work.

9. Manual dexterity is also important for motor grader mechanics: It is extremely essential for the motor grader mechanics to have good hands and great hand-eye coordination. This helps them to do the repair job quickly.

10. Willingness to work and strong work ethics are equally desirable: A great motor grader mechanic should have good work ethics and should be committed to quickly solving the problem and repairing the equipment.

11. Honest with his work and the owners of the equipment: Good motor grader mechanics should be polite and courteous with the owners and should be honest in their work.

12. The necessary certifications: While it is not a mandate that every motor grader mechanic should have the necessary certificate as their experience is more important, however, if the mechanic has the necessary certifications, it is always good. It proves that the mechanic has full understanding of the equipment and the industry and is up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques.

In a nutshell

Motor graders are undoubtedly very expensive and highly technical equipment. Since they are highly technical, it is obvious that they would need trained and experienced mechanics who have the expertise in safely repairing the equipment as it goes without saying that any wrong action on their part can cause heavy damage to the equipment.

There are a lot of motor grader mechanics that are experts, but if they lack in the qualities that are mentioned above, then they would not be able to repair the equipment effectively and can cause further problems. Hence, it is always advised to have a trained and experienced motor grader mechanic at the jobsite.