India is seeing a boom in the infrastructure and road construction industry with the Modi’s government’s ambitious project to build 40 kms of roads every single day in addition to expanding the express ways to connect India better. The primary beneficiaries of this boom are people involved in the business of construction, road construction and the once involved with any kind of construction equipment. The boom has seem new players take to the construction industry in an attempt to make their moolah while making India. The government’s ambition to connect Bharat to India is giving a lot of new opportunities to business owners across sectors.

Road construction for one is a very lucrative avenue, especially for those that businesses that understand the situation of roads in India. 95 percent of the roads need to be created and maintained in rural parts of the country which make for smaller single and double lane paved roads. Motor graders in particular have a major role to play in the way road construction companies go about doing their business. Lets take a better look at how the motor grader can help deliver better margin for construction and road construction businesses.

Road construction has always been a labour intensive task. Meaning the whole project time and cost intensive given the unpredictability of the human factor. Labourers tend to be relatively slow as compared to the machines and cost more then the machines too. The labourers working at road construction sites are more often than not untrained people with very little to no understanding of road construction. Thing inadvertently ends up compromising the final quality and finish of the roads and eventually drilling holes in the contractor’s pockets in the long run. Additionally time delays are a norm having to regularly source new labour to replace the ones that left making it a time and money intensive task.

This is where the motor graders can help reduce the cost and money involved. A single motor grader can single handedly complete the task of upto 30 people while at the same time reducing the time taken to complete the task at hand. Motor graders make it easier to cut down on labour costs and give the contractor a better chance at early completion of the road which usually comes with bonuses from the government. Less time on individual projects means that the businesses can take up more new projects and earn higher profits. Motor graders create better quality roads that last longer creating a good will for the business while saving on the costs of more regularly required maintenance.

Motor graders are heavy equipments used for road construction and other levelling and paving tasks at construction sites. These heavy equipment are required to work in gruelling climatic and work conditions given the Indian terrain. Add to that the fact that the motor grader operators are generally under skilled means that the machines undergo relatively higher wear and tear due to improper use of the machine. Higher wear and tear means higher expenses for the business that eat away at the profit margins. This is where the heavy equipment manufacturers can help with cutting down expenses in the short and long term prospective.

Pick motor graders that are created to suit the Indian terrain and ensure that the machine is much more suited to harsh working conditions and will automatically lead to lower wear and tear due to the quality and design of the machine to begin with. Addressing the problem of increased wear and tear due to poor operator skills, one can take support of technology that makes the whole grading and paving process a lot less dependent on the human factor and more dependent on software data and programming consoles introduced in the motor graders these days. Additionally, when it comes to India, it is a good option to use a motor grader that is specifically designed to suit the requirement of road construction in the country instead of the imports that were designed to suit the requirements of the home countries.

Regular wear and tear to the machine is a normal outcome of motor graders being put to use at road construction sites. How much damage it will do to the machine, however is in your hands. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the machine will ensure that the machine will last longer despite the harsh conditions of work. Making a note of small problems and getting them resolved while they are still small is a good way to ensure that machine expenses remain on the lower end of expenses. Dealers and OEM’s usually provide for long term service and maintenance plans for the machine at relatively nominal prices as compared to the costs of major break downs and part replacements and repair.

Investing in technology that improves the performance of the operators and machines will serve for better profit margins in the long run. These days softwares are available to make machines smarter and ensure that the marine is equipped to properly handle the task at hand with low operator interactions. With operators being required only to keep an eye while the machine under guidance of the self adjusting technology gets the work done. Additionally diagnostic and data gathering consoles help detect problems before they can cause major havoc and have them resolved while they are still small and cheaper to solve.

Big data and IoT are the next big thing and have applications with construction equipment, motor graders included. Smart sense softwares installed in the machines help keep a tab of important factors like fuel levels, fuel usage, engine efficiency, temperatures of the engine,lubricants, pressure in the hydraulics, location etc. These consoles also serve as diagnostic tools to check for any problems and report them at early stages to get them resolved. Some consoles also come with trouble shooting options to solve the problems in the machine without having to call for technical assistance leading to increased up time for the machine and higher profits for the business.

Most motor grader players in India are international brands and other large domestic brands competing to make their moolah in the growing Indian market. Make use of the competition to ensure that you get the bets of machines, services, guarantees and warranties. A good maintenance and service plan can help curb a lot of cost intensive problems even before they arise. A lot of manufacturers are willing to provide training for operation and servicing of the machines for their clients. Use the facilities that the manufactures are providing to reduce expenses and increase profit margins.

Avail options of leasing and renting good equipment. One need not always own the machines. Equipment rental has a host of benefits that help increase the profit margins by reducing the operating cost and investment required to have the machines working at the job sites. Additionally rental services save on costs incurred for regular servicing, logistics, insurance, maintenance, storage. Equipment rental saves on the large sum of money that is invested in owning the machines and can very easily be used for more profitable tasks like renting more machines to complete the task faster and earn early completion bonuses