Construction workers on most job sites are migrants from far off villages that go out looking for jobs in cities or other villages. A huge number of these migrants survive on a day to day basis and lack access to basic necessities and facilities that every human deserves. Lack of basics, exploitation at the hands of employers, long working hours, minimal wages, risk of life, health issues caused due to working at construction sites without the proper safety gear all are causes that keep the construction worker retainer ship at job sites every low and require regular in flow of new workers.

Housing facilities:

Most construction equipments are villagers who migrate far and wide away from their homes in search of jobs. These migrants live on a day to day basis and have none to minimal access to basic necessities considered human rights. Housing and sanitation being one of them. Most labourers live in pathetic conditions on the sites or in makeshifts huts on the foot paths or simply on the footpath itself. This makes them more susceptible to harsh environmental factors and diseases caused due to unhygienic sanitary conditions and eventually lead to them falling sick or leaving. Making provisions for housing will prevent sick days and having to replace workers on a daily basis.

Providing labourers with housing and basic sanitation is bound to retain them longer. Temporary or make shift housing that is comfortable, keeps them away from having to sleep on the streets and safe from harsh environments is a good move. Sanitation is another major issue that needs to be attended too. Most of them either have no access to sanitation and choose to defecate in the open or have to go far and pay for sanitation facilities. Using portable sanitation structures at construction sites is sure to be a good move at construction sites.

Labour Laws:

Putting in labour laws that are fair to the construction workers irrespective of wether the government mandates it or not. Fair working hours, adequate rest period, fair and timely pay for their work are some policies that companies can implement at their level and earn returns in the long run. Happy employees tend to work better and stay longer. Most construction sites are rather exploitative of their construction workers in order to save money and increase profit margins. This however proves to be counter productive since this will cause them to either leave for better opportunities or down grade the quality of work at the grass root level.

Treating workers well with the dignity that a human deserves is a must. Dignity at work boosts self esteem and motivates people to do better. Providing an opportunity for stable work, pay and growth will work in the favour of the business since it will become easier to have the required dependable labour as and when needed to get the job at hand done on time. Providing them job security will ensure that the construction workers stick around longer and even bring in more help when required.


Construction sites are had hat had zones and need to be treated such, especially in India. Safety of construction workers is usually neglected by both the workers them selves and the people and or businesses employing them. Bring in strict rules that need to be adhered so that the lives of construction workers are safe. General safety measures to ensure safety measures on a construction site should also be taken. Hard hats, ear covers at noisy sites, breathing masks to avoid health issue caused by particulate pollutants at the site, safety gear when working at heights, boots and gloves to keep their hands and feet safe in addition to putting up safety nets and barricades as and when required.

While not mandatory, it helps to have the workers covered under insurance while they are working at one’s construction sites. This will add to the job security and give them a reason to stay with the company in the long run. Safety form exploitation should also be taken in to account. construction jobs are generally out sourced or sub leased to contractors to save money. Ensure that your work with contractors that follow the same labour friendly work ethics that your company does and ensure that it is checked on a daily basis.


Collaborate with other like mined humane businesses to ensure that the construction workers have jobs on a regular basis. Ensuring employ will give them more reasons to stick around with your company and at job sites. Collaborate with other contractors and experts to provide them on job training that provides them with employable skills and make it easy for them to get jobs at new sites when your work is done and get better paying jobs too. Collaborate with your workers to understand the problems that they are facing and find a way to solve them without reducing much of your profit margin.

Accessible affordable health services:

Health services are again a basic human right. Ensure that you have basic first aid kits on your site to attend to minor cuts and bruises. Additional try and keep a doctor on site or at least on call in case of emergencies. Setting up a free medical camp every couple of days is easy and doesnt weigh down your pockets or profit margins. Having access to health services will ensure that your workers are healthy and stay on the job for a longer period of time. Easy access to healthcare definitely a plus point for the workers to stay back.


Communal travelling kitchens at the site for the workers is a good way to ensure that the workers have access to good clean cheap food. Communal kitchens mean that every thing is brought in bulk at whole sale rates, meaning it is cheaper to buy and eventually more affordable for the labourers. Having adequate clean food will ensure that the workers stick around longer, are nourished enough to take on the labour intensive work in the gruelling climatic conditions too. Clean and affordable food will go a long way in favour of the business retaining its workers in both short and longer runs.


Access to clean drinking water is another must have. Water is the stuff that sustains life, making it a basic necessity. Ensuring that clean drinking water is available at the site at all times will ensure that workers are always well hydrated and will fall sick less often from diseases caused due to drinking contaminated water. More working days per worker means on time and faster work completion for the business.

Businesses need to become more humane and treat the workers with the dignity and empathy that hums deserve. While these pointers may seem like a costly exercise, the actual costs are much lower as compared to the returns that happy workers will get you in the long run. Retaining construction workers is no rocket science. Understanding their problem, finding a win win situation to solve their problems is all it takes to keep the workers with you longer. All it takes is for businesses to care for their employees, all of them to ensure that they stay on board longer. These are just some tips in addition to Mahindra Construction Equipment’s Rental services that help you move towards better quality output.