At present, the Earthmoving Construction Equipment (ECE) industry in India comprises over 60 percent of total market share of total construction equipment market. With government’s future plans to invest huge amount of money in infrastructure and housing projects in next few years, the ECE market in the country will see a major boom, resulting in increased demand for various ECE.

Here is a look at five most used earthmoving equipment and why they would comprise the 60 percent of the market share in the future as well…

1. Backhoe loaders: They are the most used equipment in the category as they are highly versatile and perform multiple tasks at any construction site. Also known as digger or simply backhoes, they are generally used for work on rugged terrain and perform tasks like moving dirt, backfill, digging trenches, crushing, lifting, grabbing objects, small demolitions, laying pipes, asphalt breaking, paving roads etc. With few attachments, they can also perform various other tasks. Backhoe loaders are very similar to tractors but the difference is that they contain an adjustable shovel in front a small bucket in the rear. They are considered to be medium sized equipment and are tyre mounted. Overall, they are usually the best choice for smaller jobs which need to be completed in a more restrained space. As per Off-Highway Research, Backhoe loader sales are expected to increase by over 32 percent in the next five years due to increased investment in infrastructure by the Indian government.

2. Excavators: Like backhoe loaders, excavators also bring flexibility and versatility at any construction site, hence they are very common at any construction site. These are hydraulic machines consisting of a boom stick and bucket attached to a cab mounted on a rotating platform called ‘House’. With superior digging power, they are vital for any large job site and can perform a list of tasks like backfilling, digging trenches, holes and foundations, grading, dragging, lifting, loading and dumping with various attachments. They are available over wheels or tracks. As per one of the reports of Research and Markets, Indian excavator market is to grow at a CAGR of 7.86 percent over the period between 2014 and 2019.

3. Bulldozers: Referred to as only dozers sometimes, bulldozers are the most heavy-duty and powerful equipment and largely employed for shifting huge amount of dirt on job sites where there are wide open spaces, rough grading and grinding rocks. They are incredibly strong equipment and easily identified by the huge blade at the front which is controlled with the use of hydraulic pistons and ripper at the back. The machine comes in variants with tyres and tracks.

4. Skid steer loaders: Considered to be one of the most versatile, compact, rigid and powerful earthmoving equipment and best choice for smaller sites, they are used to perform many tasks like lowering soil compaction or working in difficult conditions such as with snow/mud. The front bucket of the machine can be replaced with various types of attachments like hydraulic breaker, pallet booms, auger, mower, snow blower etc., to execute different jobs. Unlike other machines, these do not have steering mechanism for wheels which are mechanically aligned with the side body of the equipment.

5. Motor graders: Also known as grader or road grader, this equipment is used for making smoother surfaces, fine grade, levelling soil, shift small amounts of dirt and prepare the base before laying asphalt. They are again the most commonly used earthmoving equipment. They are generally identified by their long adjustable blade and are generally considered to be easy-to-use equipment for mining underneath the ground.

The above mentioned heavy earthmoving equipment are a requisite for small and large construction sites alike for performing multiple tasks thanks to their size and power that help them in completing daunting tasks with ease.