Renting is becoming an increasingly popular choice with various people and companies involved in the construction business. Here are some tips for people looking to rent backhoe loaders to make it a glitch free experience

1. Assess your requirements: Assess the kind of job at hand and check as to how often you will need to use the backhoe and what should be the capacity of the backhoe before you rent one. Usually for small job sites renting is a good option as well as for larger job projects with managers looking to supplement their existing fleets. If BHL’s are required on a daily basis over a long time then renting might not be a very good option for you.

2. Assess your budget: If you are working with a tight budget, renting is no doubt a suitable option. Additionally renting equipment can be deducted as a business expense to get tax benefits. One should check as to what effect renting BHL will have on your final balance sheet to see if renting is actually a good option for them.

3. Ask the right questions: Before you rent the BHL, make it a point to ask the correct question to the company you are planning on renting the equipment from. Below are some questions you should be asking

> What is the maintenance and repair policy? > How long does it take for a replacement in case of machine break downs/ > What is the early return policy? > Delivery and pick up times for the machines > How often are the machines maintained and inspected/ > How many hours the machine is used and if the machines are insured? > If there are any add on costs to renting the machines > Ask if they provide operators and or training with the machines.

4. Pick the right dealer: It is important to pick a dealer that has a good credibility in the market. Do a background check on the dealer. If possible talk to people who have previously used the dealer’s services and ask them about their experience with the machines and the dealer.

5. Pick the right machines: Depending on the requirement it is important to choose the right machine to rent. The rented machine should neither be under capacitated nor over capacitated for the said job to prevent waste of time and money. Get an experienced operator to decide as to what specifications of the BHL is required for the job at hand.

6. Machine Check: Get an experienced operator to check the machine before renting it. The operator should be able to assess the condition of the machine and its parts to make a call on wether the machine is suitable to carry out the job at hand. The structural integrity of the machine, its various parts and the hydraulics in particular need to be checked for any damages beforehand.

7. Read the small print: Read the agreement and its small print very carefully before renting the equipment. Read through as to what the policy on various matters like break down, equipment damage, transport, deposit etc are before you sign the agreement. Ensure that it is free of any loop holes that can lead you to be cheated.