Global trends that are steadily pushing upwards the graph of fuel prices is a fact that Indians have been living with for a while now. Fuel price is such a fundamental part of the economy and our daily lives that irrespective of one’s vehicle ownership status, socio-economic and professional background, fluctuations in fuel price affects every individual as well as every business owner in the country – whether directly or indirectly.

For the automotive and construction equipment industry, it is inevitable that the rise and fall or rather a sustained period of rising fuel price will have a direct and major impact in terms of affecting business profitability. After all, fuel cost makes up a huge chunk of the operating cost of these large machines.

As a contractor or construction equipment business owner, while managing fuel prices may not be in your control, there are ways in which you can still maintain control on your profit margins. For instance, you can definitely evaluate your options to purchase or rent such heavy earth moving and road construction machineries that are technologically improved and offer better fuel efficiency. Here is where the latest upgraded range of heavy construction machines offers ownership and usage delight in reducing the impact of fuel prices on your pocket.

The new CEV-Stage IV emission norms for the Construction Equipment industry coming into effect in India from April 1, 2021, has given an impetus to CE manufacturers for introducing new technologies, thus resulting in a more advanced, feature-rich and efficient range of earth moving machinery.

Mahindra Construction Equipment has recently launched its all new BS4 range of road construction and earth moving machinery comprising its flagship models; the Mahindra EarthMaster backhoe loader and Mahindra RoadMaster grader.

The new Mahindra BSIV CE range of EarthMaster backhoe loaders and RoadMaster graders are tech-advanced, heavy earth moving machines, equipped with a more refined BS4 engine that is not only CEV Stage-IV compliant but also delivers best-in-class fuel efficiency. The modifications made to the Mahindra BSIV NES-CRDi diesel engine, ensures optimal fuel consumption for better average without any compromise on power and performance.

The NES-CRDi BS4 diesel engine in the Mahindra BSIV CE range is based on the more sophisticated Common Rail Injection (CRI) engine technology which operates on electrically controlled high pressure direct fuel injection. The benefits of CRDi technology in BSIV diesel engine are manifold; from greater power output, better emission control, and lower NVH levels to efficient fuel consumption. The BS4 diesel engine in Mahindra EarthMaster and Mahindra RoadMaster has a more powerful catalytic converter called DOC, an Exhaust Gas Regulator or EGR and a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Put together they ensure that the fuel combustion process is more efficient, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient engine for greater productivity and profits.

Along with superior BSIV diesel engine technology, the use of telematics in road construction machinery also has an important role to play in making this new range of construction equipment machines more fuel efficient.

Mahindra iMAXX Telematics technology uses location-based technology, combined with vehicle electronics and wireless communication to generate updated information about the vital parameters of the machine. The outcome is a range of smart features that makes for an entirely new way of viewing onboard vehicle diagnostics. This is turn enables real time monitoring of fuel level analysis, fuel consumption, service reminders and vehicle diagnostic reports for timely intervention. In short, Mahindra iMAXX Telematics helps puts complete control of the machine and your business in your hands.

In conclusion, deploying a combination of latest engine technology and telematics is the way forward to effectively manage and mitigate impact of fuel prices, while maintaining high productivity and profitability.