Motor graders are one of the best equipment for road construction and maintenance. With this one equipment, a variety of tasks can be performed like making smoother surfaces and fine grade, levelling soil, shifting small amounts of dirt and setting native soil foundation pads. Due to the versatility of motor graders, they are one of the most important equipment found at any building or road construction or even mining site.

Well, there are various ways in which motor graders can deliver better margins for your business. Here is a look at those reasons which make motor graders profitable for your business...

1. Performs multiple tasks at the building or road construction site: These tasks include...

a) Setting the soil: Motor graders can be used to set native soil foundation pads to finish grade prior to the construction of large buildings.

b) Earthmoving: Motor graders can be used for moving the unearthed soil and debris or raw building materials from one location to another with the help of the front wide blade.

c) Sacrifying: Motor graders can be used for scarifying (complete removal of layer of soil and then spreading a new layer at that particular point) the uneven and inefficient surfaces of the roads, lawns, landscapes etc.

d) Land grading: Graders can perform land grading tasks like creating well-defined slopes and inclinations as well.

e) Levelling of soil or land: Graders can also be used for levelling of the soil so that the next layer of soil, gravel aggregates and asphalt or bitumen can be spread uniformly throughout the surface.

f) Mixing materials: Tasks like mixing of two materials used in construction projects can also be performed well by motor graders with the help of the right attachments.

g) Other tasks: Apart from the above, motor graders can also be used for trenching, digging shallow holes, ditching and laying pipes.

Thus, be it any task at the building or road construction site, motor graders can greatly help in achieving reliability and precision in operations.

2. Increases versatility at the jobsite with various attachments: Motor graders come with various attachments to perform the different tasks. The two most important attachments of motor graders include:

a) Rippers: They are used to cut through challenging ground conditions such as hard, compact or frozen dirt to loosen soil and improve productivity.

b) Dozer: This attachment of motor grader help with spreading.

3. Aids in movement of men and materials at the mining sites: At the mining or industrial sites, motor graders can be easily employed for easy movement of men and material as they can be used to create temporary roads leading up to the site to sustain daily operations and enable ease of transportation.

4. Reduces rework and increases productivity: Equipped with advanced technologies, motor graders can reach the final grade much faster with more accuracy, thus, saving time and cost associated with rework tasks and allowing contractors to move forward easily without looking back.

5. Saves labour costs: As against the manual labour which takes a lot of time in completing various tasks, motor graders can perform the tasks fast and this saves the labour costs as well.

6. Boosts jobsite safety: With advanced technology, telematics, machine control and integrated technology, motor graders greatly help in improving jobsite safety and have a direct positive impact on the business margins or profitability.

A look at the best-in-class motor grader in India which can be extremely profitable for your business

If we talk about the best of motor graders available in India, then Mahindra Construction Equipment’s (MCE) RoadMaster G75 motor grader wins hand down as it offers an un-compromised and mechanised grading solution. The equipment is designed to provide optimal output at affordable cost with its simple yet rugged design. It is an ideal grading machine for spreading, grading of earthwork in different types of roadwork across the nation. This equipment can definitely prove profitable for your business because...

1. RoadMaster G75 is equipped with Mahindra DITEC engine which brings fuel efficiency down to an incredible 4.5 litres per hour and results in 10 per cent more savings. Hence, the motor grader is highly fuel-efficient and leads to increased productivity and profitability for the owners.

2. Offers lowest maintenance in class as with technology and design enhancements, RoadMaster G75 lowers lubricant refilling requirement with extended service intervals, thus, reducing the overall maintenance cost.

3. It is equipped with 3000 mm mouldboard that comes with an option of having its size reduced by 400 mm. Depending on the requirement the blade size can be reduced by 200 mm on both sides. The cutting edge of the blade is in four separate pieces for ease of handling and replacement and has a lasting life of about 600 hrs on standard operation cycle. It is convenient, affordable and any blade part can be easily replaced in case of damage.

4. The RoadMaster G75 comes with the option of having additional fitments i.e., the ripper and dozer for added versatility.

5. RoadMaster G75 is 180 per cent faster and can single-handedly do the work of 30 labourers.

6. RoadMaster G75 provides a superior finish and saves 50 per cent on the time required to get the job done (provided the material is available on site) and it saves at least 40 per cent of the costs.

7. The RoadMaster G75 comes with GPRS-based remote monitoring system dogosense that keeps a track of your machine with the touch of a finger. Through this, be it business information like daily work reports, fuel level or warnings like low fuel, filter clogging and low engine oil, you can get constant updates on your equipment.

8. RoadMaster G75 also possesses ergonomic layout and seating with all the controls smooth and easy to reach and has spacious canopy, lockable storage and mobile charging. The equipment boosts safety, efficiency and productivity at all times with advanced control joysticks. You can easily shift steer, adjust blade, articulate, control hydraulics and access automated grading systems without taking your hands off the controls.

Thus, overall, MCE’s RoadMaster G75 can definitely be your best bet when looking at buying a motor grader that can drive maximum profitability for your business!