Paving the way for India on the rise, that’s exactly what the infrastructure industry is doing. Infrastructure is literally the very foundation and back bone of development, not just in India but globally. The strength of the industry lies in the innovation and technology that goes into the design and manufacturing of construction equipment throughout the world.

Gone are the days of mediocrity and monotony that was predominant in the commercial and housing infrastructure. Innovation is the name of the game today, the examples of which can be seen in various parts of the world. Be it in the architecture and construction of homes and office spaces or the competitive designs of numerous roads, bridges, railway lines and industries that have become the bench mark in their respective fields.

Infrastructure as an industry is evolving at a pace like never before, sadly enough the construction equipment used have not been able to keep pace with the changing dynamics yet, thereby hampering the pace of growth.

Construction has grown to become a form of art and the very definition of luxury in the form of brilliantly designed high rises that adorn the skylines of many a metro’s globally.

Art demands versatility and delicacy while engineering demands speed, strength and efficiency. These are the virtues that present day construction and heavy equipment manufacturers in india need to imbibe in their machines. Versatility and strength come in handy when having to deal with the tough varied terrain of India. While it may seem like a far-fetched dream, the big players of the industry have already started working in that direction with visible success.

Innovation is required not just in the construction equipment but also in the whole process of construction and the materials used. “Modular housing” is a relatively new concept that has yet to take strong roots in India. The brilliance of the concept is in having the different parts of the house made separately and simultaneously, which are then assembled together. It saves on time and costs. Modular housing could very well be India’s ticket to “Affordable housing for all”

Constructors and planners have begun to feel the need for innovation in every aspect of the industry, be it planning, process, material, equipment or design. Innovation is slowly but steadily becoming king.

What remains to be seen is how fast the gap of demand and supply for innovation is filled and by whom. The answer to which will be the deciding factor of how much and how fast this multi-billion dollar industry will grow and lead growth.