Heavy Construction Equipment or any construction equipment is a huge investment, so it is natural for an investor who purchases it to expect maximum efficiency. All equipment, no matter what size, requires maintenance, the same can be said for heavy construction equipment. Maintenance is one of the important factors that will vastly improve the performance of construction equipment.

Mahindra Construction Equipment makes sure that its equipment performs at the highest possible efficiency and requires the least maintenance, which is why it has rigorously spent 4 years and more than 20,000 hours on machine testing.

This has allowed it Mahindra CE to include important built-in designs to improve performance,

1. Fuel efficiency - Mahindra’s proprietary “Ditec Engine” reduces fuel consumption hence increasing the fuel efficiency to 4.5 liters per hour. In addition, all of Mahindra’s heavy construction equipment are BS III compliant.

2. Lubricant Refueling - With better design enhancements Mahindra has made it so that there is an extended gap between service intervals and the same can be said for lubricant refueling. Lubrication prevents wear and tear of parts and is required for smooth and efficient performance.

3. Banana Boom - With this feature, Backhoe Loaders now have 7% more reach in backhoe operation than conventional backhoe loaders and in turn increase in productivity.

4. Ergonomic Design - All of Mahindra Construction Equipment factors into consideration the operator comfort, a necessary requirement to increase the efficiency of work.

The above-mentioned unique and thoughtful design allows customers to be worry-free about the maintenance of their construction equipment.

Apart from maintenance, there are other factors that affect performance like proper equipment selection, bucket size, site condition, cycle time, and operator’s skill. Let’s take a brief look at each of them.

Equipment Selection - The selection of proper equipment in a construction project can be a matter of profit or great loss. With suitable equipment selection, contractors can easily avoid the overhead cost, wastage of time, or in dire cases, breakdown of equipment. This is the reason why Mahindra offers a wide range of heavy construction equipment with multiple renditions of the same equipment, each perfectly fit for efficiently performing a particular work.

Bucket Size - Buckets determine how much capacity of material can be cleared in one cycle and hence play an important role in determining cycle time. The bucket selection also depends on the condition of the site.

Site Condition - Backhoe loader or any other equipment, selection of heavy construction equipment depends on the geotechnical characteristics of the site, and the topography. With appropriate selection of construction equipment based on site conditions, one can prevent machine breakdown or unnecessary delay in the project by selecting underpowered equipment. At the same time, it is important not to select overpowered or feature-loaded costly equipment as they might add to the operating and maintenance costs.

Operator’s Skill - It is often said that a sword is only as good as its wielder, the same can be said of the equipment. In the hands of a skilled operator, an equipment would undergo less duress and still get the work done. However, with an unskilled operator the equipment or its parts might be damaged, which will lead to overhead costs.

Any investor in construction equipment can easily improve the performance and profit from it provided, he/she/they can take good care of the above-mentioned factors.