“Productivity” one of the key factors in deciding the bottom line of a company’s balance sheet. It is also vital when the project at hand is a time sensitive one like construction of roads and highways. While multiple factors come into play when looking into productivity of road construction machines, one of the most important and at times overlooked factors is the maintenance of the machines. The machine causes problems more often due to its lack of maintenance and less due to genuine problems.

Here are some simple but effective things to keep in mind when looking into maintenance of the machines to increase their productivity.

1. Read the machine manufacturer’s specifications, instructions and maintenance tips to make the most of the machine.

2. Make sure you use correct grade clean fuels and oil as per the machine’s requirements.

3. Check oil levels, tease points and hydraulic fluid levels regularly.

4. Have maintenance contracts in place with a professional company that has a good track record working with the machines in your fleet.

5. The machines should only be handled by operators licensed to operate and maintain the machinery.

6. The pre checks should be done on the machines every morning to keep an eye out for possible problems and issues with the machine.

7. Similarly the machines should be checked for possible damage after a working day. Incase of signs of damage, the repairs should be do not promptly by an expert equipped to handle such situations.

8.Checking for unusual sounds and vibrations on a regular basis can help detect and solve problems in the bud.

9. Periodic maintenance is key in keeping the machines working at its optimal capacity.

10. Water, coolant, hydraulic fluid, gauges, fuel, exhaust, greasing on lubricated points, physical damage to the machine and its parts etc should be checked every 8 hours as a part of preventive maintenance measures.

11. 8, 60, 125, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 hours are the intervals when the machines should be checked for continued maintenance of various parts of the machines to keep it working at optimal levels.

12. It usually helps to have all the machines in the road construction fleet to be manufactured by the same maker for ease of maintenance.

13. As part of maintenance procedures, the machines should be cleaned properly after use and stored in clean dry places with adequate protection form climate factors.

14. Adequate safety procedures should be followed when transporting the machines between various job sites and they should be checked before and after loading the machines for transport.

15. Maintenance and repair records should be maintained to keep track of the wear and tear of the machine.

16. Incase of part replacements make sure that original, good quality compatible parts are used. Using bad replacements might save money in the short term but will lead to losses in the longer run.

In conclusion periodic maintenance is a must and should be treated with its due importance to have the machines working at its full capacity to make sure you get the deserved returns for investing in the machines.