Being at the forefront of the construction equipment industry in India is a thrilling feeling. We at Mahindra are proud to be part of the market here because we understand the importance of creating machinery and equipment that caters specifically to the Indian consumer.

We also attribute our growth and success over the years to our Rise Philosophy. The 3 “Rise Pillars” of this philosophy are alternative thinking, accepting no limits and driving positive change. With rise as our governing spirit, backed by decades of experience and success in utility and agricultural equipment manufacturing - these same principles have been applied when we ventured into construction equipment manufacturing. Due to this philosophy, we believe we have created an ecosystem of innovations galore.

After the pandemic hit, there has been a massive alteration on customer buying trends. People are more aware, and more careful about their purchasing habits. Due to inflation as well, there has been a huge shift in the demand and supply of the construction equipment industry. The hike in prices has hit everyone, and every sector. It is because of this that consumers are more prone to looking for cost effective and more reliable options. We also noticed a rise in consumers renting machinery and equipment. We at Mahindra are proud to serve our clientele with cost effective and high performance yielding machinery.

Starting off with our graders and movers that are now all BSIV compliant. This means that we make sure our equipment keeps emissions in check as per the national mandate , AND we also meet the criteria for sustainability by doing our bit for the environment! Not only this, but our graders boast of our new, cutting edge technology for fleet telematics solutions known as iMAXX. Customers now want to be aware of just how much productivity they can get from one machine and we at Mahindra recognise this need and strive to cater to it. This is why our range of EarthMaster and RoadMaster Backhoe Loaders come with the latest Mahindra iMAXX technology. It is embedded with artificial intelligence, sensors that constantly analyse and track data and provide you with vital information about your equipment’s health, fuel consumption, etc.

We at Mahindra believe that our products are specifically tailor made for the Indian climate. In a country where almost 90% of the roadways are NOT national highways, our machines need to be sturdy enough to brave the rough Indian terrain. We make sure to create such pieces of equipment that can thrive in this landscape. We target the rural sector as well because we understand that that is a large portion of our consumers from these spaces are in dire need of cost effective and high performing machines.

We are planning to launch our brand new, cost effective RoadMaster G75. This is our road grader which is built in with our iMAXX technology and is perfect for the Indian terrain.

The prospect of interacting with a much larger audience, and the other renowned exhibitionists is a thrilling one, especially after the large gap that the Covid19 pandemic had created. Owing to how the waves of this pandemic took away a lot of opportunities for growth and connection all over the globe - we at Mahindra are very excited to be showcasing all our products in our range at this prestigious platform.

In this year, Mahindra has already registered an 80% year over year growth in the commercial vehicle sector. We noticed that projects that had been halted at first were starting to pick up again, and the world was coming back alive slowly but surely. After the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic had settled down, we observed a high demand in the construction equipment machinery sector. In 2022 alone we estimate a year over year growth that is 2x than that of the previous year. In the coming years, we are also looking forward to the fact that the government of India recognises these needs and are pushing major projects like the National Infrastructure Pipeline, The Gati Shakti Plan and initiative for building of SMART cities. We believe that if these initiatives are executed with the same gusto with which they are being planned, it will completely alter the scene of infrastructural development in India. And we at Mahindra are all ready to serve our best in class products to help realize these goals.