Construction activity requires specific skill sets and specialised heavy-duty machinery. A Grader or Grader Machine is one such specialised and large piece of heavy construction equipment. The most characteristic and distinguishing feature of a grader machine is the long blade at the front.

Uses of Grader Machine

Motor grader machines are used mainly and extensively in road construction activity for ‘grading’ or smooth levelling of gravelly road surface to make it ready for laying the asphalt. Apart from roadwork, these versatile heavy-duty machines can also be seen deployed in grading earthwork at civil construction sites and in flattening out the ground at mining and railway site work. In developing countries a motor grader is put to work for an average daily period of 4-6 hours. The uptime for graders used in developing countries can be increased provided they are built to suit the specific market conditions and external environment factors such as material availability.

Key Applications:

Road Construction | Railway Work | Civil Construction | Mining Sites

Grader Machine Equipment

Heavy construction machines utilise a variety of equipment or attachments, where each attachment is suited to perform a particular task as required at the roadwork or construction site. Grader machines such as the Mahindra grader – RoadMaster G90, typically have two main attachments – Ripper and Dozer.

The long blade attachment called Dozer Blade is mounted at the front of the Grader. Dozer blade is useful for road grading jobs such as bulldozing, removing dirt and gravel, removing obstructing tree stumps, clearing fallen rocks and such tasks, so as to clear and flatten the road surface.

Ripper is a sharp teeth-like attachment fitted at the back of the grader machine. As the name suggests, the ripper is used for breaking or ripping through hard and tightly packed material such as asphalt where an existing asphalt surface has to be re-done. The design of the ripper teeth tines ensures standardisation in the ripping action throughout the working range.

Mahindra RoadMaster G90

Mahindra RoadMaster G90 is truly a ‘Made for India’ grader machine because it has been designed after intensive research, specifically for optimal performance in small and medium road construction projects, which incidentally constitute more than 90% of all roadwork in India. The Mahindra RoadMaster G90 is ideally suited for use in such intermediate road projects as well as when these rural and interior roads are expanded to state and national highways and expressways.

This rugged heavy construction machine is powered by a 4-Cylinder Turbo Charged DiTEC engine churning out a mighty 91 HP at 2200 rpm. The dozer blade is designed for a 500 rotation with a hydraulic cylinder mechanism, while the advanced active hydraulics centre pin dampening gives a precise finish in less number of passes.

Growth Prospects for Grader Machine Market

In the next few years the market for motor graders in India is poised to grow substantially, as research forecasts and market trends foresee an increase in large and long-term new infrastructure projects, backed by government spending. Demand for all types and capacities of grader machines is likely to be fuelled by upcoming government projects such as pan-India expansion of gas pipeline network, refinery expansion as well as expansion of the country’s existing road and highway network. [Source:]