Over the years, the motor grader market has been growing at a fast pace. It is expected that the demand of motor graders will increase by 15-20 per cent in the next 4-5 years. In fact as per Off-Highway Research, the motor grader market is expected to grow from 750 units in 2016 to 850 units by 2020. Thus, indeed the future of motor graders looks bright and it only makes sense to learn more about this equipment.

So what is a motor grader? Well, motor graders are absolutely necessary equipment at any construction site. They are usually self-propelled machines with an adjustable blade. Typical motor grader models have three axles with the engine and cab situated above the rear axles at one end of the vehicle and a third axle at the front end of the vehicle with the blade in between.

Generally, motor graders are used to finish grade (refine, set precisely) the rough grading performed by heavy CE such as scrapers and bulldozers. A small motor grader within a range of 80-150 horsepower is usually enough for most jobs. While, the smaller graders are perfect for jobs that need to be completed in a tight spacing environment, larger motor graders can be used in broader spaces. Larger machines are known to use a direct drive or a torque converter drive transmission system while the smaller ones are hydrostatically driven.

Undoubtedly, motor graders are costly equipment and that is the reason they rarely encounter any major problem. However, most of the times, the motor grader operators face problems with the transmission system which is surely, one of the most vital organs of the equipment. Transmission system’s purpose is to take the productivity from the engine and operate it to manage the swiftness, direction and torque and if there are any problems with the transition system, then the equipment may fail to work in the best possible manner.

Problems associated with transmission system and tips to solve it

The motor graders face a variety of issues with the transmission system. If you too are worried about the same problem, then here are some common transmission problems identified and quick tips discussed to solve them...

1. The gears might not work properly after some time. The gear problem can hamper the speed of the equipment and may not allow the motor grader to move fast on the terrain. In such a case, you can change or replace the gear. However, the ultimate solution is removing the side covers of the motor grader and cleaning all the trans-electrical connection and hoses with the solenoids.

2. You also need to immediately check the oil quality because if the oil quality is not good enough, then also the problem can pop up. If the oil is contaminated, then it can result in transmission problems. So, the oil in the equipment should be regularly changed to keep the engine up-to-date. Ensure that you use the transmission oil which is mentioned by the manufacturer. In order to avoid transmission problems, you can also perform the fluid analysis.

3. There may be times, when the gear would work but the gear system would not move beyond a certain point. This is mainly because they are not getting the right voltage in the coil system. Also, on major occasions, the coil may not work due to excessive heat in the internal system. A quick solution to this problem is that you should change the coil system.

4. You should also invest your time in reading the user instruction manual which does mention about managing the transmission system woes. It can not only help the customers to gain knowledge about transmission but also recommend some maintenance tips that can enhance the productivity of the equipment and avert any problems.

5. If all the above tips do not work, then you should call the expert to fix the issue as who would know it better than them. The experts from the company have clear understanding of the equipment and they can solve the transmission system woes easily in no time. You can even go to the manufacturer’s outlet and get the issue sorted at the earliest.

So, if there is an unexpected transmission issue with the motor grader, then you should not waste any time and repair it as soon as possible.

General tips

In addition to the above mentioned tips, you need to follow certain general rules also so as to have your equipment functioning in a proper manner at all times.

1. Equipment like motor graders are prone to a major and minor problems more often. So, in order to solve these problems including the transmission system woes, you need to service the machine regularly.

2. The motor grader operators should be trained so that they can maintain, troubleshoot and store the equipment.

Next time, when you use a motor grader, do remember the above mentioned tips.