The backhoe loader is one of the key elements of construction equipment because of its versatility. Backhoe loaders have been widely prevalent for the last 40 years, gaining more popularity in the last decade or so. They have a distinctive look, owing to the fact that they are actually 3 components of construction equipment built into one. The backhoe itself, the loader and the tractor. The backhoe functions and moves much like an arm, digging up and moving material around. The tractor has a powerful engine, strong, large and rugged tires and basic steering controls in the cab. The loader works as a tool to transport material around, smooth it over, or for scooping.

Backhoe loaders can be used for a range of tasks like minor demolitions, transportation of construction and building materials, excavation, digging ditches and trenches, paving roads and even landscaping. Backhoe loaders can have several attachments that are used for various purposes like an equipment tracking system, fuel management, quick couplers for bucket detachment. The bucket can be detached and also fitted with different attachments like an auger, grapple, a stump grinder or a breaker.

Let’s get into what makes the backhoe loader one of the most in demand products in the construction equipment business and take a specific look at the features of the range of backhoe loaders that Mahindra provides.

  • The arrangement of the equipment is such that it allows for the easy front bucket loading, while the hoe in the back can excavate and dig trenches and ditches below machine level. The Earthmaster range provides high productivity with bigger buckets and a bigger loader.
  • It has the capacity to push and scoop materials and is driver operated with precise control. The Mahindra range of backhoe loaders also provide better digging depth with 2mm thicker digging plates for applications where strength is needed.
  • The balanced weight distribution of the 12-bolt support plate design offset the extremely heavy load on the wheels by absorbing the intensity of the weight that is displaced while the backhoe is digging; providing support and minimising impact to the loader.
  • The higher flow handling capacities and lower pressure losses of the optimised hydraulic circuit make this range better in terms of speed and performance. It has better fuel efficiency due to a lesser load on the engine along with the lowest hydraulic refills required.
  • The range comes with more load bearing capacity to the front axle with 63 mm thick beam, which helps the backhoe loader to do heavy work in it’s loader application. It also provides structural strength and rigidity due to its closed box section design.
  • The Mahindra Earthmaster series of backhoe loaders also cost lesser than the current market leaders, providing the most Value for Money product in India’s market. Not only does the Mahindra backhoe loader save 0.5ltrs of fuel per hour minimum, but it also has the cheapest servicing cost in the Indian backhoe loader market.
  • The new Mahindra iMAXX technology compliments the tried and tested BS6 engines provided in their construction equipment boasts of a robust, cutting edge telemetry technology that not only has artificial intelligence and machine learning but also 4G, and Dual CAN (Controller Area Network).

Here at Mahindra, taking stock of the Indian landscape of construction and usage patterns, along with using innovative technology, we have specifically engineered a product that not only has optimal backhoe performance but also the best in class fuel efficiency, and naturally aspirated Mahindra machinery.