The road and transport minister has announced INR 25 Trillion to be pumped into the country’s infrastructure development and an additional INR 5 trillion to be spent on roads, railways and other connectivity infrastructure. This being said, it is a given that the road construction equipment industry is the backbone of the backbone driving the Indian economy towards greater heights. Here is a look at the infrastructure projects that are set to serve as a steroid to the slumped road construction equipment. industry.

1. The Asian Development bank has approved a loan of US $ 61milion to develop the first coastal corridor from vishakhpatnam to chennai.

2. The Maharashtra state government is set to launch projects worth 73,367 Crore worth of infrastructure projects for development of roads, metro rails, ports and harbours.

3. A Hong kong based equity hedge fund is set to invest INR 2000 Crore in construction of Highways in the country.

4. The Indian Government has announced Highway projects worth US $ 93 Billion including the National Highway Building Project.

5. The road and transport ministry plans on building another 5 greenfield expressways across the country to help reduce the travel time.

6. The government plans to award more that 100 highways in the Public Private partnership mode.

7. Various national and inland waterways are set to be created by passing the water way bill in the parliament.

8. More than 50 new airports are panned across the country to reduce the burden of heavy traffic on the existing airports in the metros.

9. Creation of more than 100 smart cities will require development of roads and highways to connect the smart cities to the rest of the nation.

10. With new ports being developed, new highway corridors are set to be developed to make the ports accessible and to reduce travel time.

These are just some of the projects that are in the pipeline to boost the development of connecting infrastructure across the country. The road construction equipment these days are so versatile that they can easily be used in construction of various other infrastructure projects in addition to their fundamental use in construction of roads.

Road construction equipments like bulldozers, backhoe loaders, concrete mixers, road rollers, trucks etc are bound to be used in various railway, highway, port development, fly over construction, metro rail construction and even housing projects to name a few.

With both government and private bodies heavily invested to boost infrastructure development across the country, the construction equipment industry on a whole is sound to get a steroidal boost. This boost will help develop the business for construction equipment manufacturers, rental companies and the resale market for these machines.

Thanks to the new investment and policy changes, indigenous manufacturers will enter the market to manufacture the machines while there will be new entrants in the construction rental and resale markets too. With the increased demand many small and big players will enter the market to earn their moolah with the changing times. Simply put, the developing infrastructure across the country will prove to be a monumental boosts to the construction equipment and its complimentary industries.