Most motor graders available in the Indian market come from manufacturers that have their roots in foreign soil. While international manufacturers make good machines, they are better suited to developing countries rather than developing countries like India. The motor graders are huge and bulky in addition to being very expensive. Another issue with machines from International manufacturers is that the machines are designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of their home markets not so much the Indian needs.

The Mahindra RoadMasterG75 is a Made in India, Made for India motor grader from the house of Mahindra. The RoadMasterG75 is created to offer an affordable, un-compromised and mechanised grading solution for small & medium roads in India. It is designed with extensive research and input from Indian road contractors. During research the team discovered that more than 90% of the roads in the country are in rural areas that for most part are being targeted for development under the PMGSY (Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana). This meant that 90% of the roads being built are small to medium sized roads while the motor graders that could possibly be used in making them were for most part redundant due to their sheer size.

The RoadMasterG75 is an ideal grading machine for spreading, grading of earthwork in different types of roadwork across the nation in addition to being used for railway and ground levelling operations across sectors. The RoadMasterG75 is designed to provide optimal output at affordable cost with its simple yet rugged design. It is designed in a way that it is well equipped to help contractors during grading needs for government programs like the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yogna and Smart City, as well as for major district roads, other district roads, border roads, rural roads and expansion of roads.

The Mahindra RoadMasterG75 is most suitable for constructing small to medium roads as well as widening of state and national highways. It is also said to be apt for applications such as embankment or earthwork for laying of railway tracks and levelling of large plots for industrial construction.

The Motor Grader RoadMaster G75 is a smart machining that comes enabled with GPRS based remote monitoring system DigiSense that keeps a track of your machine with the touch of a finger. Every single detail that is necessary to ensure the machine’s optimal performance and safety are made available at the owner’s finger tips. this smart technology also ensures that the machine isnt being abused by operators as is the case with most machines.

The Motor Grader Mahindra RoadMasterG75 is designed to be smaller and cheaper than conventional graders but it packs a powerful punch with its 78 bhp iDTEC engine developed in-house at Mahindra. The motor grader is almost 30% cheaper than the conventional graders and manages to do 50% of the work as compared to a much larger conventional grader. It comes with a 10 feet wide blade, which has been optimised to deliver zero compromise grading at 33 per cent over conventional alternatives.

When it comes to motor graders the Mahindra RoadMaster G75 is creating its own niche category under the motor grader to suit the developing countries subset of the larger market. The RoadMasterG75 is a smart innovative machine that is changing the way roads are built across the country. It is one of the better examples of how data can be used to monitor and increase the efficiency of motor graders.

Another innovation that is changing the construction scene is the Mahindra EarthMaster- the backhoe loader from the house of Mahindra. Like the RoadMasterG75 the EarthMaster too was designed and created to be India centric and by extension developing countries centric given that they have similar markets, challenges, problems and growth opportunities. The EarthMaster is a substantially more superior machine, with greater reliability, dramatically less maintenance, better operational kinematics and dynamics with a phenomenal fuel efficiency.

Equipped with the proven Mahindra DITEC engine the EarthMaster boasts of a 4.5 litres per hour fuel consumption rate which is better than most of its competitors in the category. 10% more saving on fuel consumption is bound to make a few eyeballs turn. For a 79 Hp engine, the EarthMaster blog with its multiple variants pack a mean punch of power in its small sized machine. It was designed keeping in mind the necessity for the machine to be able to move around in small cramped spaces without much trouble. Add to it the ergonomically designed banana boom that gives the Earth Master 7% higher reach than most of its counterparts.

The EarthMaster comes loaded with the Remote Care facility making it a smart machine . The REMOTECARE feature is the first and only one of its kind in Construction Equipment in India. It takes freedom to the next level. It is an intelligent communication system that keeps the business owner or fleet manager constantly informed about the machine through mobile phone based SMS updates. This allows customers to break free from lack of control over business, and helps them manage their fleets from the comforts of their office, car or home.Not just this, the owner can call up his machine using his mobile phone. The intelligent REMOTECARE system returns an SMS which gives the owner important details of fuel level in tank, hour meter reading and odometer reading, all in a simple message. This helps the owner to remotely monitor the work done and fuel consumed.

Add to all these innovative features a new age digital cluster that helps the operator identify and troubleshoot problems. Operators in different regions of India can read messages and hear warnings in 6 different languages and comes loaded with audio visual warnings and inbuilt radio. The controls are specially designed joysticks that ensure minimal fatigue to the operators whilst also ensuring that minimally skilled operators can also use it with ease.

Designed to be rugged with a touch of smart technology enabling the intelligence in the machine to moved from the operator to the machine itself. Construction Equipment from the house of Mahindra are taking the construction sector by storm with their innovative approach to their equipment and the man machine interface. The focus has rightly shifted from skill to data driven intelligence / smart systems when it comes to the actual operation of the machines. The days arent far when AI enabled machines will be doing all the skilled labour required on a job site forever more redefining the wy work is done in the construction industry.