Indias booming infrastructure as well as real estate sector is fuelling demand for all kinds of construction equipment including earth moving equipment. Even the rental earth moving equipment sector is seeing good growth. The most popular equipment that are rented these days include backhoe loaders, excavators, bulldozers, skid steer roller, motor graders and few others. Due to the various benefits offered by these rented equipment, their demand is likely to grow over the mid- term


Here is a look at various type of earth moving equipment available on rent:

1. Backhoe loaders: They are the most rented equipment in the category as they are highly versatile and perform multiple tasks at any construction site. They are generally used for work on rugged terrain and perform tasks like digging trenches, small demolitions, laying pipes, asphalt breaking, paving roads etc. With few attachments, they can also perform tasks such as grabbing objects, dozing or levelling the ground. Thus, it makes sense to have this equipment at any construction job site. However, it is not always possible for the companies to buy it due to its heavy purchase as well as maintenance cost. Hence, it makes sense to take the backhoe loader. on rent.

2. Excavators: Like backhoe loaders, excavators also bring flexibility and versatility at any construction site. With superior digging power, they are vital for any large job site and can perform a list of tasks like backfilling, digging, grading, loading and dumping with various attachments. Thus, after backhoe loaders, it is the excavators which are largely rented. Given to the fact that buying an excavator can be very expensive, even though you may use it several times, contractors prefer to rent it out.

3. Bulldozers: Referred to as only dozers sometimes, bulldozers are largely employed for shifting huge amount of dirt on job sites where there are wide open spaces, rough grading and grinding rocks. They are incredibly strong equipment and easily identified by the huge blade at the front which is controlled with the use of hydraulic pistons. They can easily speed up the progress on any construction site. The other benefits of renting bulldozers include no need of large capital investments and lower maintenance cost. Further, as compared to other earth moving equipment on rent, bulldozer rental rates are also lower.

Hence, contractors majorly take bulldozers on rent.

4. Skid steer loaders: Considered to be the best choice for smaller sites, the skid steer loaders can be used to perform many tasks like lowering soil compaction or working in difficult conditions such as with snow/mud. Given the various benefits of using skid steer loaders, they are another type of equipment in the category which are mostly rented by many construction companies.

5. Motor graders: Used for making smoother surfaces, fine grade, shift small amounts of dirt and prepare the base before laying asphalt, motor graders are again the most common rented heavy earth moving equipment. They are generally identified by their long adjustable blade and are generally considered to be easy-to-use equipment for mining underneath the ground.

With the customers seeing the benefits of renting heavy earth moving equipment, the rental equipment market is expected to see a boom in the coming years. Also, given to the growing construction costs, renting equipment can reduce the financial burden of the companies to a very large extent.