Roads for connectivity are said to be fundamental infrastructure requirement for any country. Connectivity opens up many doors for expansion of markets in both directions to add to the robust economy of the country. Additionally it helps elevate the general standard of the population of a country. Benefits of a well connected nation can be seen in both the short and long term and its effects are long standing to bring about progress. Lets take a look at India’s flagship programme to increase the road density in the country while connecting most villages to the nearest market.

Development: Rural Road connectivity is known to bring about wide variety of changes across a vast spectrum of life in rural India. Connectivity means increased income for the farmers by removing the middle men and delivering the produce directly to the market. Additionally more variety of produce can be grown due access to an expanded market. Access to increased resources means better health, better education, better medical facilities, more awareness for opportunities. All in all road connectivity is vital for making rural India a part of the country’s main stream economy and increasing the standard of living of the general masses.

Short term impact: The connectivity reduced the travelling time between trading villages there by providing more job opportunities to youth. About 10% of youth dropped out of school to take up the working opportunity. However younger kids have increased attendance in schools owing to connectivity and easier access. Connectivity also means that government employees will reduce absenteeism quoting connectivity issues, meaning better education for children. road creation means that the price of the farmer’s lands increased giving them relief from the money constraints in addition to getting them better prices for their produce. Better access to medical facilities mean a healthier more productive work force.

Creation of growth conducive environment: Developing connectivity has far reaching effects and for the better. Farmers and traders get access to larger markets and better pricing. Leading to increased income, spending power, savings and better credit risk. Connectivity boosts perishable item trade in addition to animal husbandry and manufacturing. increased spending power and job opportunities create an environment conducive to overall growth of a community. Roads are quite literally the fast track way to creating an all inclusive economy to power the growth and development of the country.

The impact of the flagship road development scheme so far has been monitored in the short term prospect. The long term impact of the venture is predicted to have positive impact on the country and its economy on a whole. Roads are creative an environment that is overall conducive to growth on a grass root level and up. Many opportunities on the small and large scale have opened up with the increased connectivity across the country and is expected to only get better as the years go by. These are exciting times with all its exciting changes that are coming about.