Indeed, in recent years, with the adoption of newer technologies and an increase in digitisation in almost every industry, we have seen similar demand urgency in the construction equipment industry as well. This is especially true in the high-end construction equipment landscape, both globally and in India.

In the Indian context, a rapid change in technology is taking place when it comes to equipment monitoring and enhanced human-machine interface in heavy construction equipment. Such technological advancements and their impact feature in the latest construction machinery models. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these are truly high-end machines, capable of delivering powerful performance and higher productivity.

At Mahindra Construction Equipment, we are at the forefront of riding this change, having already anticipated this demand trend before it picked up pace in India. Therefore, we were prepared to launch our latest product line-up of next-gen Mahindra EarthMaster Backhoe Loaders and Mahindra RoadMaster Grader machines, which are customised for Indian conditions and usage, meeting the specific requirements of the Indian construction industry. Our sophisticated earthmoving and grading machines – developed as a result of Mahindra’s rigorous product development efforts, combined with detailed consumer insight feedback – are equipped with a host of advanced technology.

Our new-gen Mahindra EarthMaster loaders and RoadMaster graders come with the latest Mahindra IMAXX Telematics technology which includes several top-of-the-line features and benefits. We have developed Mahindra IMAXX Telematics to perform the role of a virtual personal assistant system, by which our customer has easy access and control for monitoring and interfacing with his Mahindra EarthMaster or RoadMaster machine.

Let me give you a more in-depth view about how exactly this refined Mahindra IMAXX Telematics technology works and how it is proving advantageous for our customers.

Vehicle Health Monitoring – this includes battery, alternator and engine temperature monitoring by raising predictive alerts. Such machine health alerts prevent major failures through timely and appropriate intervention.

Location Tracking – Mahindra IMAXX Telematics enables you to track real-time movement of your machine with updates on live location with address and also gives information about nearby hubs and service stations, thereby saving time and increasing operational hours. Geo Fencing and Time.

Fencing Alerts – Geo fencing check-in and check-out alerts allow the customer to track unscheduled and prolonged vehicle stoppages during transit outside construction sites. This results in increased operational efficiency by stopping unauthorised vehicle movement and usage.

With IMAXX Telematics technology our customers also get additional features and advantages such as;

  • Vehicle Diagnostic Reports – provides automated reports for engine run hours, fuel economy, distance etc which significantly saves on manual time and effort for logging and book keeping.
  • Fuel Level Analysis – tracks fuel efficiency with over 98% accuracy, benefitting the customer with decreased operating cost since actual fuel costs can be determined.
  • Service Reminders – timely service notifications to the customer allow proper machine maintenance thereby improving operational efficiency and productivity
  • Operator Management – notifies the customer on operator behaviour such as harsh braking, wasteful idling, overruns, over speeding and so on, with the benefit of 5% improvement in fuel efficiency and reduced accident risk So with our revolutionary Mahindra IMAXX Telematics technology, we have ensured that our products are not just meeting today’s customer demands but are actually future-ready.

Mahindra Construction Equipment keeps a relentless focus on product development, as we aim to introduce more refined and robust vehicles, which are capable of multi-tasking and can deliver higher profitability for our customers. This effort of ours at Mahindra becomes even more critical when seen in the current scenario of rising fuel costs and increasing operational expenses. Our latest Mahindra EarthMaster and RoadMaster models are powered by Mahindra’s proven CEV IV CRDI engine which offers best-in-class fuel efficiency and is low maintenance thereby ensuring better savings for our customers. These versatile machines are also tech advanced that makes them more efficient and productive, translating into higher profits and more savings for our customers. Take for instance our Mahindra RoadMaster G75. It is the ideal solution for Indian road projects and can effortlessly perform a variety of tasks such as spreading, grading of earthwork and is also used for railway work and ground levelling operations in different sectors.

The RoadMaster G75 is also equipped with DiGISENSE technology, a GPRS-based remote monitoring system, by which you can track your vehicle from your pocket. Similarly, our brand new Mahindra EarthMaster SX Smart 50 offers best-in-class fuel efficiency, has 8% bigger backhoe bucket for higher productivity and comes with improved hydraulics that reduce per hour maintenance cost while offering better performance. So while Mahindra is already offering great versatility and value for money to its customers with the latest product range, we will continue our efforts at product innovation and development to offer even more sophisticated yet affordable and economical vehicles to customers going forward.