Motor graders play an important role in road construction and maintenance projects. Typically they are used to make land surface smooth and produce fine grades. Given the above fact and the present scenario where the Indian government is aiming at massive infrastructure development projects including huge urban as well as rural road building and maintenance programs, the demand for motor graders is definitely expected to rise. Further, the coal mining activity in the country is also picking up and this is also leading to the growth in demand for motor graders which are used to make haul roads at such sites. That said, there are no reasons for the motor graders demand to not go up as they highly increase productivity and efficiency at any jobsite.

There is also no doubt about the fact that motor graders improve performance, lower costs and advance safe operation. How? Then read the pointers below that prove the statement above.

1. Performs many tasks: Motor graders can be used to set the native soil foundation pads, move unearthed soil and debris or raw building materials, completely remove a layer of soil and then spread a new layer at that particular point to produce even surfaces, grade land surfaces, level soil and mix materials. They can be even used to perform other tasks like trenching, digging shallow holes, ditching and laying pipes.

2. Cuts on labour cost: By performing the tasks as mentioned above, motor graders highly reduce the need for labour and thus, decrease the labour cost as well.

3. Helps in keeping up with the project deadlines: Since the present-day highly advanced and technologically-sound motor graders are not at all affected by any weather or extreme operating conditions, they can very well complete the projects on time and even help contractors to take up more and more projects.

4. Reduces rework and increases accuracy, reliability and productivity: Equipped with advanced technologies, motor graders can reach the final grade much faster with more accuracy, thus, saving time and cost associated with rework tasks. This also increases the productivity at the construction site.

5. Increase profitability: Increased productivity and the reliability of motor graders ultimately translate into higher profitability.

6. Enhances jobsite safety: With advanced technology, telematics, machine control and integrated technology, motor graders greatly help in improving jobsite safety by not causing harm to the men and material.

Apart from the above, motor graders also ensure that the compactor is effectively used with minimum load on it. Thus, it is very advantageous to have motor graders at the jobsite.

If the discussion is about how motor graders can improve performance, lower costs and advance safe operations, then here Mahindra Construction Equipment’s (MCE) RoadMaster G75 motor grader do deserve a special mention. The RoadMaster G75 is manufactured at MCE’s state-of-the-art facility at Chakan, Pune. Extensive consumer insights and feedback has been taken to develop this equipment which is built to withstand Indias rough terrain and heavy usage. In addition, the product offers all the relevant features using the latest vehicle systems and technologies at competitive prices.

How RoadMaster G75 improves performance?

1. RoadMaster G75 is equipped with powerful and proven Mahindra 79.95 hp DITEC engine which brings fuel efficiency down to an incredible 4.5 litres per hour and results in 10 per cent more savings. The equipment possesses compact 4 cylinder, 3532cc engine and is BS III pollution compliant.

2. RoadMaster G75 includes the latest technologies to protect the machine from potential operating or maintenance issues.

3. The equipment is optimised to deliver zero compromise grading at 33 per cent as compared to conventional motor graders.

4. Its mouldboard is designed to suit required productivity and durability.

5. The equipment offers full blade visibility from operator station for superior grade finish.

6. It possesses hydraulic multi-function capability with two independent hydraulic pumps.

7. It has torque converter type clutch and power shuttle transmission.

8. It comes with GPRS-based remote monitoring system dogosense that keeps a track of the machine with the touch of a finger.

Apart from the above, motor graders RoadMaster G75 comes with the option of having additional fitments i.e., the ripper and dozer for added versatility.

How RoadMaster G75 lowers cost?

1. The equipment highly reduces maintenance cost as it lowers lubricant refilling requirement with the extended service intervals.

a) Hydraulic Oil: 50 litres with 2000 hours change interval

b) Rear Axle Oil (Differential): 14.5 litres with 1500 hours change interval

c) Engine Oil:13.5 litres with 500 hours change interval

d) Transmission Oil: 16 litres with 1000 hours change interval

2. RoadMaster G75 provides a superior finish and saves 50 per cent on the time required to get the job done and it saves at least 40 per cent of the costs.

3. RoadMaster G75 is 180 per cent faster and can single-handedly do the work of 30 labourers.

4. The optimal productivity allows on-time project completion leading to higher revenues.

How RoadMaster G75 advances safe operations?

1. It comes with ROPS/FOPS Canopy inline with international standards for operator safety.

2. Its advanced joystick controls boost safety, efficiency and productivity at all times.

3. DiGiSense also help in safe operations at the jobsite.

These above mentioned points clearly prove that the MCE’s motor graders are high in performance, save considerable costs and ensure jobsite safety, all of which are crucial to success of any project.

Looking at the above positives of motor graders, you might want to buy them but may be worried about operator training. Fret not! In order to improve productivity and safety, MCE offers heavy equipment operator training services i.e., if you buy the motor grader from MCE, then as part of its post-sales services, the company offers few days’ dedicated training for the operators, in which they are personally trained on various features of the machines by professional trainers. So, you can definitely look to have the RoadMaster G75 in your fleet.


To sum up, overall, motor graders are one of the best equipment for road construction and maintenance and they offer multiple advantages including improving productivity, safety and optimising costs. If you looking to buy one, then MCE’s offering should be on the top of your list.