Be it industrial or residential construction activities to light landscaping projects, Backhoe Loaders (BHLs) steal the limelight as they can be used to do a variety of tasks like moving dirt, backfill, digging trenches, crushing, lifting, grabbing objects, small demolitions, laying pipes, asphalt breaking, paving roads etc., when used with different attachments. Generally, BHLs are the most multi-purpose heavy machines in the Construction Equipment (CE) category.

They are the superstar in the CE category and can be spotted everywhere. If you are looking to buy one for your construction site, then do read the below mentioned purchasing guide to make a wise decision...

The guide to purchasing Backhoe Loaders

1. Look for fuel efficient equipment: Given the increased fuel prices and sometimes scarcity of it, it is imperative that the BHLs should be highly fuel-efficient. This should be the primary consideration when buying a BHL. Here, BHL of Mahindra Construction Equipment (MCE)—EarthMaster deserves a special mention as it offers best-in-class fuel efficiency (4.5 litres per hour) with the proven Mahindra DITEC engine which implies it saves 10 per cent more. It is a compact engine type but can deliver more power and achieve high torque at low RPM.

2. Look for machines which have high productivity: A highly productive machine is always an asset and should always be preferred. In case of EarthMaster, the Banana Boom offers increased reach over the straight boom. It allows 7 per cent more reach as compared to others. This longer travel ensures precise digging in congested or near the wall digging applications.

3. Look for good loader bucket capacity: Next, do you plan on using the machine in more versatile ways? Then you should consider MCE’s backhoe as it is 6-in-1 bucket on the loader. Also, the loader has maximum dump height of 2708 mm.

4. Look for maximum digging depth: One of the other primary technical considerations when buying a Backhoe Loaders is how deep it will dig in comparison to the scope of your project. Well, MCEs backhoe can offer a great digging depth of 4885 mm.

5. Look for powerful mechanics: A powerful diesel engine at the heart and amazing hydraulics are a must in a BHL. So, look for powerful mechanics in a BHL. The EarthMaster VX model of MCE possesses advanced and modern hydraulic technology with aggregates supplied by the worlds best manufacturers. The equipment incorporates fixed displacement gear pump with the pump capacity of 115 LPM 2350 RPM and system pressure of 250 Bars.

6. Look for technologically advanced equipment: Profitability of a construction business is also determined by the fact that the CE used are highly updated to take on more and more tasks and reduce work pressures. Hence, technologically advanced equipment like EarthMaster should always be the first choice. EarthMaster VX model of MCE employs the revolutionary REMOTECARE feature which makes it possible to get business information like daily vehicle usage or health reports or warnings like low fuel, engine oil pressure, maintenance schedule and other updates through SMS on mobile phones. Since this is preventative in nature, it can help in preventing major breakdowns of the equipment.

7. Look for effortless control: Another key consideration when buying a Backhoe Loaders is the right controls. Hence, you need to select a machine where the operator can adjust the controls to be more productive. Typically, a joystick for effortless operations should be considered as it makes for accurate and smooth power control and also minimises the fatigue of operators, enabling them to work longer. The BHLs from MCE do feature the specially designed joysticks.

8. Look for equipment that is environment-friendly: When you are able to save the environment, then this also adds up to your profitability and EarthMaster VX does that perfectly. It comes with 4 compact cylinders and engine of 3532cc and is BS III pollution compliant.

9. Look for equipment which incurs less maintenance cost: Huge earthmoving equipment like BHL generally generate huge maintenance bills. The lesser the cost, the better it is. In line with this, with better technology and design enhancements, EarthMaster is capable of lowering lubricant refilling requirement and sustaining extended service intervals, thus, reducing the overall maintenance cost. Specifically, the equipment requires 50 litres of hydraulic oil with 2000 hours change interval. Then 17.10 litres of real axle oil requirement is there with 1500 hours change interval. The engine oil requirement is 14 litres with 500 hours change interval and the transmission oil requirement is 8 litres with 1000 hours change interval.

10. Look for equipment dealer which provides support and post sale service and maintenance: Post-sale service and maintenance are often the two primary components that ensure long-term ROI of your purchase. Well, MCE is best known in the industry for providing these services to its customers. The company even advices buyers on equipment suitability based on their application and provide training to operator level personnel for various industries.

Thus, when buying a Backhoe Loader, you need to pay attention to the above mentioned points. You need to ensure that the equipment has the required qualities to handle all your tasks and result in profitability in the long run. Typically, most powerful, versatile and capable BHL that can work in tight spaces should be preferred.