Heavy machinery are the very foundation that helps build the much needed infrastructure across the world. However heavy machines are also some of the most manhandled machines on the planet. These machines work under some of the most hostile environments in the world. Heat, cold, rain, humidity, mud etc leading the machine to go through heavy wear and tear and also affect the machine’s performance. Depending on the working conditions and operators, different problems may arise in the machine. Here are some obvious and rather interesting reasons why maintenance is key for heavy machine engines.

Safety: Heavy machines are cost intensive assets that take a rather long period of time to recover the original investment and record profits. Keeping this in mind safety of the machine, people operating the machine and of those working around the machine becomes imperative. Preventive and regular maintenance is a must to ensure safe working of the machine. It saves cost on having to deal with broken/ damaged parts and human injuries that can possibly be involved due to lack of maintenance.

Keep an eye: Most damage to heavy machines comes from being used by unskilled operators. Keeping a track of usage data one can figure out as to when the machine is being used by inadequately skilled operators. These days machines come with GPS trackers and inbuilt data collection softwares that record and monitor all data about the machine for analysis in the future. Preventive maintenance helps catch problems in the bud with regular data analysis.

Regular parts check: Checking parts of the machines on a regular basis helps keep an eye on the wear and tear of the parts and remedy the situation as required. Regular check ups help replace damaged parts before they cause bigger problems and can be repaired in case it is a better suited option. Most major costs and damage to the machine comes from not catching damaged parts in time before major damage is caused to other parts of the machine.

Cost saving: Regular maintenance is a must since it helps save costs by trouble shooting when the costs involved are much lesser in the beginning of the problem. While most machines require an insurance, it can become void if the machine is not adequately maintained. Not being able to claim insurance in case of accidents occurring due to an unmaintained machine is a big hole in the pocket adding to the costs.

Store safe: Heavy machines are exposed to different working conditions and have enough of their working parts exposed to the damage from environmental factors. Such exposure can lead to contamination of the lubricants, there by causing sizeable problems and damage if not caught in time. Cleaning the machines after using them and storing them in a enclosed storage space can help prevent down time, damage and huge repair/ replacement costs.

Given the rather sub par conditions of use, operations and storage that these heavy machines are subjected to, maintenance is quite literally the golden key to making the most of these amazing heavy machine engines.