Backhoes are amongst the most popular construction machines across the world. No matter what size the construction site, a backhoe loader is a must have, thanks to its compact size, sheer power and versatility. That being said lets take a look at the mean machines much closer home that are paving the way for smarter and more performance oriented backhoes in India. Here is a list of reasons why the indigenous Earthmaster is the most performance oriented BHL in its category in the country.

Power loaded with a 4 cylinder turbocharged intercooled diesel engine the Earthmaster yields a whooping 83 PS @2300RPM. We have its DITECH engine to thank for this compact but power packed beast of a machine. With its displacement capacity at 3532 cc, it lands amongst the best in its category. Additionally the DITECH engine ensures that at 4.5 litres / hour the Earthmaster saves 10% on fuel costs making it a front runner in the category.

Everything about the indigenous Earthmaster is fashioned to make it a performance oriented machine. The loader bucket has 12% more capacity at 0.27cum compared to its competitors in the same category. Similar is the case with the 1.1cubic meter capacity of the front bucket. Larger bucket and loader size directly translates into faster completion of work in a shorter span of time there by saving time and money.

The Earthmaster comes with a specially designed banana boom giving it 7% more reach compared its competitors in the size category. Increased reach goes to prove how performance oriented the Earthmaster is.

A machine is only as good as its operator. Keeping that in mind the Earthmaster comes with car like comfortable interiors to increase productivity of the operators. The stylish comfortable interiors come loaded with three way storage space for the operator in addition to an FM radio, three way adjustable seat and a comfortable arm rest. Comfortable seats ensure that the operator is comfortable and can work longer hours without fatigue.

The Earthmaster comes with joysticks instead of the mechanical levers ensuring smooth movement and functioning of the machine without any unnecessary fatigue to the operator. Joysticks allow for smoother and more precise function making it a breeze to work with.

The Earthmaster requires various oil changes at longer intervals as compared to most of its counterparts meaning it requires less down time for maintenance leading to better performance. The beast of a machine is precise and has its outside bucket turning radius in a range of 3490 to 5660 mm with and without the inner wheels being braked. Loader dump height at 2716 mm and 1360 mm reach at ground makes the Earthmaster quite a catch at its price point.

The Earthmaster comes equipped with latest tech to improve performance of both man and the machine. It has Remote care facility that helps keep tabs on the machine’s location, fuel consumption, work hours, problems etc. It is a smart machine with trouble shooting capacity with its 6 language digital console. Its helps detect problems and solve them thereby reducing the down time of the machine spent on calling the experts and having them come and take a look at the machine.