Where do you see India’s CE industry in general and your company in particular, stand in terms of its efforts in adopting/implementing these new trends to contribute towards a more sustainable eco-friendly environment?

Our world as we know is becoming increasingly digitized in every sphere of work and life. However, there is also a concerted effort to build and adopt technologies that will not just enhance business productivity and profits, but will be eco-friendly and help in conserving the planet.

Globally, in the construction equipment industry too, there is a growing trend towards innovation and adoption of newer technologies such as robotics and digitization. Greater automation of construction equipment offers manifold customer benefits of convenience, cost and time efficiencies, and therefore higher earnings. Additionally, the rise of electric machines as well as the use of alternative green fuels, such as hydrogen, will result in newage construction equipment that works smarter and with near zero emissions.

We are witnessing these global trends in India’s construction equipment industry as well. Electric construction equipment such as electric excavators and electric forklifts to help achieve zero emissions, autonomous construction machines that can be controlled and monitored remotely – these are no longer futuristic buzzwords, but a reality; one that is altering the construction landscape in India dramatically.

Our company, Mahindra Construction Equipment – one of the leading construction equipment manufacturers in India – is at the forefront of adopting and implementing the trend of autonomous construction machines and achieving the target of zero emissions. Our next generation range of Mahindra EarthMaster and RoadMaster construction machines, deliver on all these crucial parameters. These are robust, high-end automated machines, powered by Mahindra’s proven CEV-IV CRDI engine, equipped with the latest Mahindra iMAXX Telematics technology, and thus capable of delivering a powerful and efficient performance.

When we talk of sustainability and zero emissions, engine technology is key. When more refined engines power our construction machines, they are capable of delivering vastly superior performance.

Mahindra’s refined CEV-IV CRDI engine, at the heart of our newest Mahindra EarthMaster and RoadMaster construction equipment range, uses a more sophisticated fuel injection technology of high pressure direct fuel injection. Hence, the end benefit to the customer includes efficient fuel consumption, greater power output, better emission control and reduced NVH levels.

In India and across the world, construction equipment manufacturers such as Mahindra are re-imagining and re-engineering their machines to achieve higher level of digitization, automation and electrification. Combined with improved engine technology for emission control, this makes our construction equipment highly efficient and productive.

The revolutionary Mahindra iMAXX Telematics technology comes in-built in our latest Mahindra EarthMaster and Mahindra RoadMaster models. Mahindra iMAXX Telematics technology with features such as Vehicle Health Monitoring, Location Tracking, Geo Fencing and Time Fencing Alerts, makes our construction machines truly autonomous. Such advanced tech features provide real-time vehicle information for timely intervention, and allow finger-tip access and control to the customer for monitoring and interfacing with the vehicle.

Mahindra Construction Equipment will continue to innovate and harness the power of new technologies; so as to offer more intuitive, efficient, advanced-tech autonomous products and solutions, and thereby contribute towards a more sustainable future.