Owning an operating construction equipment is an expensive and yet cut throat business. The fuel, repair, maintenance and transport costs usually add to the cost and reduce profit. Here are some simple tips to reduce costs and increase profit margins.

1. Preventive maintenance: Regular check ups are a must to ensure that the heavy equipment gives optimal performance. Poorly maintained equipment consume more fuel for for the same amount of work that a maintained machine completes for considerable lesser fuel. Preventive maintenance saves on both fuel costs and major repairs in the long term making the machines more productive and ensuring a longer life there by reducing costs.

2. Trained operators: While it may seem like excessive or unnecessary spending, it pays back higher returns to have your operators trained to be able to operate the machine at its optimal levels. Operators lacking the understanding tend to operate the machines haphazardly there increasing fuel consumption and possibly damage the machine. Trained operators know that the machines should be started off at low RPMs and then gradually increased to ensure both smooth functioning and low fuel consumption. Novices with informal training tend to get aggressive when using the machine thus increasing fuel consumption.

3. Minimal idling: No matter how fuel efficient your machine is, idling is an absolute waste of fuel. Overtime enough fuel is burnt without putting the machine to any use to cause sizeable holes in one’s pocket. When the machine is not in use, the engine should always be cut off to prevent unnecessary wastage of fuel.

4. Efficient transport routes and methods: Depending on the type of machine in question, plan transportation to minimise fuel and transportation costs. For example the backhoe can be driven short distances at lower fuel consumption. Drivers/ operators need to be aware of the best practices when driving one of these and know that the machines should be driven at a consistent speed with windows open for optimal performance.

5. Get your mix right: Choosing the right mix of oils and fuels used in the machines goes a long way in improving the performance of the machine at relatively lower costs. Depending on the type of engine, use the fuel most suited to it for optimal performance at lower fuel consumption rates. Usually it is a good choice to refer to the OEM’s recommendations for the same.

6. Monitor your machines: Machines like the Mahindra Earthmaster come with monitoring facilities to keep a track everything that is going on with the machine. Analysing the data with a close eye can help reduce fuel consumption and costs. Monitoring the machine helps you detect problems while they are still small and help control and reduce repair costs. Additionally monitoring basic elements like the air filter and fluid levels go a long way in reducing both fuel and repair costs in the long run.

7. Lubricated and filled up: Ensuring that parts of the machines are adequately and appropriately lubricated helps the machine perform at its best. Similarly its important to maintain the fluid levels in the machine for it to function properly. Additionally one needs to ensure that the tyres have proper air pressure and that the air filter is regularly checked and cleaned for optimal functioning and fuel efficiency.