It goes without saying that Backhoe Loaders (BHLs) are expensive equipment. Hence, purchasing backhoe loaders require proper planning in advance, however, confusions are bound to happen. Fret not; here is a look at all the factors that you need to consider for choosing the right BHL for your needs.

Backhoe Loader

1. Ask the right questions: Where, what and how are important questions to ask before zeroing down on the BHL model. You need to ask yourself that what type of application will the machinery be utilised for? The type of job that you want to perform will help you to determine the BHL model that you need. Typically, BHLs can be used for small demolitions, light transportation of building materials, digging holes/excavation, landscaping, breaking asphalt, paving roads, laying pipes, planting underground cables and laying foundation for buildings and drainage systems and much more at the job site with various additional attachments. In addition to performing tasks such as digging, trenching, lifting, excavating and loading, BHLs can also be used to travel at higher speeds like in case of snow removal. Here, it needs to be mentioned that the 6-in-1 bucket option available with Mahindra EarthMaster offered by Mahindra Construction Equipment (MCE) can perform six different functions, making it capable of handling most of the tasks required from the loader in a BHL including dozing, dumping, loading etc. At this point, you should remember that the BHLs come in various specifications, so you need to consider this fact as well. Further, you need to ask yourself other question as well like what are the types of materials shall the machine be engaged in moving and how many operators shall be operating the machinery?

2. Analyse the horsepower of the Bachoe Loader: It is very important to consider this aspect while choosing a BHL as it is the horsepower only that fuels the breakout energy that helps the BHL in engaging in various activities effectively. In fact, the amount of horsepower the equipment has is directly proportional to the operational efficiency. Thus, BHLs with lower horsepower have limited operational versatility. However, here it should be remembered that more horsepower means heavy fuel consumption as opposed to the ones with lesser horsepower.

3. Consider the hydraulics for versatility: If you want the equipment to only work as a thumbs down BHL, then you don’t need the auxiliary hydraulics, however, if you want your BHL to be highly versatile and perform various functions, then it is mandatory to have the right auxiliary hydraulics to operate properly. Here, it needs to be noted that some attachments require unidirectional hydraulics whereas others, bidirectional. For example, breakers and compactors fall under the category of unidirectional hydraulics while augers and thumbs fall under the other category.

4. Know about the size of the tasks: If you wish to use the equipment for handling small tasks, then a basic BHL will also be good for you. However, if there is the need to use the BHL for heavy duty tasks, then it is better to opt for an equipment which is bigger and stronger as with such a machine you can easily handle tasks efficiently for at least three days consecutively. Overall, the most powerful and versatile equipment can work in the tightest of spaces and perform with uncompromised efficiency.

5. Opt for equipment that offer easy serviceability: It may sound unimportant but this factor should also be considered while selecting the BHLs as the equipment which can be easily serviced and maintained can payoff heavily in the longer run and give best of the results. This can also make the work of the operator easier who has to check the equipment every time before and after work.

6. Technology considerations: Such Bachoe Loaders should be chosen which are sustainable and will not be outdated soon. Emphasis should be put on the quality of engine, hydraulics, transmission etc., as they have a huge impact on the overall maintenance.

7. Fuel efficiency of the equipment should also be considered: It goes without saying that fuel constitutes nearly 60 per cent of the total cost of operation. Hence, the fuel-efficient BHLs should always be preferred.

8. Choose a machine that offers safety: Only those BHLs should be chosen that meet the international safety standards as through this way, you can easily ensure the safety of your workers. It is a known fact that the sub-standard equipment always causes a lot of problems when it comes to safety.

9. Consider the price: Checking the cost of the BHL is also very important. If the price of the selected BHL is within your budget and it can do more than what you need it to do, then you can definitely select that equipment.

10. Buy the Bachoe Loader from trustworthy manufacturers: It is always good to buy the equipment from an authentic and quality manufacturer whom you can approach at the time of crisis. Always opt for a manufacturer who is sincere and capable of extending prompt after-sales service. Well, if the discussion is about BHLs, then MCE should always be considered. This is because the company is known for its better quality, innovative, energy-saving and high-performance BHL models.

Find the best option that fits all the need

Apart from the above mentioned points, you need to look at few other things as well. Although the basic design of BHL remains the same, yet the sizes differ. You need to find out the exact specifications i.e., dig depth, bucket capacity and operating weight that would be required based on the tasks that the BHL will be performing. Further, the decision to buy a 4-wheel or 2-wheel drive and automatic or manual transmission should also be taken at the time purchase. At present, the best available option in the market is technologically-advanced Mahindra EarthMaster BHL from MCE which comes with REMOTECARE, Joystick controls and various attachments and has Banana Boom that has a higher reach than the standard boom, allowing for greater depth of digging and a bigger working circle. The equipment also offers best-in-class fuel efficiency and is environment-friendly and possesses the capability of sustaining extended service intervals among others.

In a nutshell

Undoubtedly, selecting the right BHL is always a difficult process but with proper research and methodology in place, the task can become much easier. So, if you have considered all the above mentioned points, then definitely go forth and buy the BHL of your choice which can give you good return of investment in the long run.