With the infrastructure projects seeing a boom in the country and road construction industry on the rise, the construction equipment market including the motor graders segment has all the reasons to smile as the demand for motor graders is believed to rise extensively in the coming times. This is because of the fact that the otherwise labour-intensive road construction industry can highly benefit from the extensive usage of motor graders. Unlike the labourers, motor graders perform work faster and with accuracy and help in cutting various costs including the labour costs in the longer run. Apart from this, motor graders can create better quality roads that last longer and thus, generate goodwill for the business.

Here, it is to be noted that if the motor grader is especially from the house of Mahindra Construction Equipment (MCE), then it offers much more and definitely deliver better margins for your business. So, if you are a construction company owner or a contractor, having MCE’s RoadMaster G75 motor grader in your kitty can be your best bet to drive profitability in your business. Why? Well, at a time when most of the motor graders in India are imported and generally developed by foreign manufacturers and are very huge, bulky, expensive and remain mostly under-utilised, MCE’s RoadMaster G75 (designed and manufactured in India) with plethora of features is best suited for the Indian roads. Typically, RoadMaster G75 is created to offer an affordable, un-compromised and mechanised grading solution for small and medium roads in India.

Mahindra RoadMaster G75: Delivering better margins for your business

1. Ensures fuel efficiency: It goes without saying that if at any road construction site, a motor grader is able to ensure fuel efficiency, then a lot of money is saved and this definitely increases profitability for the business. Keeping this in mind, RoadMaster G75 offers best-in-class fuel efficiency and productivity as it is equipped with powerful and proven Mahindra 79.95 hp DITEC engine which brings fuel efficiency down to an incredible 4.5 litres per hour and results in 10 per cent more savings.

2. Saves labour cost, improves quality and reduces the need to rework: Generally, road construction is very labour-intensive and time-consuming task combined with sub-optimal methods and unsuitable machinery. This leads to poor quality roads with a very short lifespan, resulting in added expenses for maintaining the road and re-doing them over and over again. Here, it is to be noted that RoadMaster G75 can put an end to all these woes as it is 180 per cent faster and can single-handedly do the work of 30 labourers. In addition, it possesses the ability to maintain consistent camber and layer thickness leading to improved road quality while doing 2.5 to 3 times more work.

3. Saves time and operating cost: As compared to conventional motor graders, RoadMaster G75 provides a superior finish with zero quality compromise and saves 50 per cent on the time required to get the job done (provided the material is available on site). Further, it saves at least 40 per cent of the operating cost and 35 per cent of the product cost. The equipment offers full blade visibility from operator station for superior grade finish.

4. Boosts productivity: RoadMaster G75 is a substantially faster machine loaded with features and technology that lead to greater productivity than the others. In fact, as compared to the conventional motor graders, RoadMaster G75 is 50 per cent more productive. Thus, optimal productivity allows on-time project completion leading to high revenue.

5. Reduces maintenance cost: Heavy equipment like motor graders generate huge maintenance bills. In line with this, with better technology and design enhancements, RoadMaster G75 offers lowest maintenance-in-class by lowering lubricant refilling requirement with extended service intervals, thus, reducing the overall maintenance cost. This lowest operating and maintenance cost allows for higher profits.

6. Saves environment: When you are able to save on the environment, then also it adds up to your profitability and RoadMaster G75 does that perfectly. It comes with 4 compact cylinders and engine of 3532cc. It is also BS III pollution compliant.

7. Makes use of advanced technology: Profitability of a business is also determined by the fact that the equipment used for business are highly updated to take on more and more tasks and reduce work pressures. RoadMaster G75 stands good on this front too. It comes with GPRS-based remote monitoring system dogosense that keeps a track of your machine with the touch of a finger. Through this, be it business information like daily work reports, fuel level or warnings like low fuel, filter clogging and low engine oil, you can get constant updates on your equipment. Since, this is preventative in nature, it helps prevent major breakdowns. Thus, the DiGiSense put the customer fully in-charge of the machine.

8. Offers operator safety: Motor Grader RoadMaster G75 possesses ergonomic layout and seating with all the controls smooth and easy to reach and has spacious canopy, lockable storage and mobile charging. The equipment boosts safety, efficiency and productivity at all times with advanced control joysticks. Operator can easily shift steer, adjust blade, articulate, control hydraulics and access automated grading systems without taking their hands off the controls. The joystick makes for accurate and smooth power control.

9. Offers various others benefits: RoadMaster G75 employs Grader Duty (G2) tyres for better traction and longer life in tough conditions. Further, the equipment comes with a one year, unlimited hours warranty.

10. Comes with additional fitments: Last but not the least, RoadMaster G75 comes with the option of having additional fitments i.e., the ripper and dozer for added versatility.

In a nutshell

Thus, the Mahindra RoadMaster G75 has everything to make it highly superior equipment driving major business profitability and delivering better margin for the business. It is an ideal grading machine for spreading and grading of earthwork in different types of roadwork across the nation. It is equipped with the apt technology that is affordable and coupled with unmatched quality, superior style, operator comfort and its innovative telematics technology—DiGiSENSE.