The backhoe loader is known to have universal appeal in the world of the construction industry. While it is known fact that this particular piece of machinery is a favorite amongst industry insiders, the reasons behind it are much lesser know. For those newly venturing into the construction industry to claim their moolah from the renewed boom in the industry, here are our top reasons why the backhoe loader is an ideal heavy earth moving equipment in addition to being a brilliant piece of engineering.

Size and Power: The BHL is a rather compact machine, but it packs more power than one would assume. With peak gross torque in the range of 321Nm @1300-1700 rpm it is a huge explosion in a rather small packet. Gross horse power in a range of 83 HP @ 2300 RPM is sufficiently high for a machine the size of a BHL. It is this combination of small size and great power that adds to the inherent appeal of the machine to the operators and owners alike. Its operating capacity in both vertical directions are much higher compared to other machines of a similar compact size.

Versatility: There is no denying that the backhoe loader is a versatile piece of equipment. While it serves as an excellent heavy earth moving equipment, it is also very useful for trenching, excavating, breaking asphalt, uprooting trees, clearing ground etc. The BHL is a single machine that can do the work of 3 or more on a smaller work site saving a lot of expense in terms of machine requirement for various jobs.

Ease of operation: BHL’s can be operated with ease without stressing out the operator much when compared to other machines used for similar operations. With the new technology being adopted at a rather fast pace, ease of operation has increased with the levers being replaced with joysticks and the cabins being made more comfortable for the operators. BHL cabin’s these days come equipped with radio, two way speakers, comfortable chairs and air conditioning to help operators work with increased efficiency.

Sound technology: Given the fact that backhoe loaders occupy more than 45% of the market in the CE industry, sufficient money is spent in upgrading the technology to make BHL’s better in terms of the manufacturing costs, over all pricing, materials used in manufacturing, fuel efficiency, the quality of the machine and comfort of operation. A good number of hours are spent on R&D to improve the good to better. Money wise: BHL’s are becoming better and easy on the pockets with passing time. While buying a BHL may not be suitable for all, given the machine’s popularity, it is widely available on rent and lease as an out from having to block a sizeable capital in acquiring the equipment which could be better used elsewhere.

All in all no matter what the argument, the BHL comes out as a clear winner as an ideal and versatile heavy earth moving equipment.