Which Is The Most Intelligent Of All The Mahindra Earthmaster Backhoe Loader Variants

Mahindra EarthMaster backhoe loader comes in three variants: EarthMaster VX, EarthMaster SX and EarthMaster 4WD. Which is the most intelligent of them all?

In construction equipment, intelligence comes at a premium. So, not surprisingly, the top end EarthMaster VX model boasts the highest IQ. Mahindra EarthMaster backhoe loader VX features RemoteCare, an interactive display with SMS alert facility. RemoteCare enables anytime, anywhere tracking of the performance of the machine. Usage reports can be transmitted by SMS as can fuel level details and maintenance warnings.

Another standout feature of the VX variant is Voice Enabled Operator Instructions. By allowing hands-free operations, this quality makes operations a breeze, thus reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity.

Also to cut operator fatigue the Mahindra EarthMaster backhoe loader VX is equipped with an easy-to-use joystick instead of mechanical levers. A joystick makes for accurate, effortless and smooth power control.

A Radio with a 2-way Speaker System built into the VX model facilitates communication with the operator and through him, with people on site. It is most effective and useful in congested sites and in large sites without mobile network.

All of these features make the Mahindra EarthMaster backhoe loader VX compatible with world-class backhoe loaders, according to Sanjay Desai, Independent Consultant, Industrial, Construction and Mining Equipment and Commercial Vehicles.

“While intelligent features are still not standard fitments on most brands, globally, companies with an eye on productivity ask for GPS tracking on the machine as well as for live feed of the time records of machine usage, for remote monitoring from the base camp/office,” explained Desai.

In India, awareness about machine IQ and hence industry demand for these features is low. But Desai expects intelligence to become a sought after option as equipment fleet sizes increase and construction companies grow more organized and wise to the advantages of intelligent machines.

“Intelligent machines don’t allow abuse by operators. They shut down if emergency alarms are bypassed or some other negligence occurs,” said Desai.

Usually the quality of operators also impacts the demand for intelligent features. Under standard working conditions in the subcontinent, operators have limited training, explained Desai. Most operators can comprehend standard signs, lights and audible alarms indicating the use of functions like reverse, handbrake, etc. and levels of coolant, temperature, hydraulic pressure, etc. In such conditions advanced options are looked upon as bothersome to the operator. As operators become more qualified and experienced, they will learn how to make the most of machine intelligence, and spur demand for premium models.