Given to their versatility, Backhoe Loaders (BHL) are used extensively to perform a variety of tasks like construction, digging holes, paving roads, earth-moving etc. Due to this very multi-utility function of BHL, they are among the favourite equipment list of the building construction industry.

So, if you are also looking at buying one at your construction site, then here are few questions that you need to ask before purchasing a backhoe:

1) Why do I need a BHL?

Well, it is one of the most important questions that you need to ask before purchasing a BHL. Then there are questions like for what all jobs, the machine will be employed? What type of materials will be moved by the machine? Since buying BHL is a costly affair, you need to have a clear understanding of what it can and cannot do and whether it is the right equipment for the job that you are planning to perform with it.

2) How to find the best backhoe in the market that suits my need?

Although the basic design of BHL remains the same, yet the sizes differ. You need to find out the exact specifications i.e., the required horsepower, controls, dig depth, bucket capacity and operating weight that would be required based on the tasks that the BHL will be performing. You also need to ask the question that whether the operator will be roading or trailering the machine? Further, the decision to buy a 4-wheel or 2-wheel drive and automatic or manual transmission should also be taken at the time purchase. This will help you to finalise on the BHL model. In general, you should opt for the most powerful BHL that can work easily in tight spaces.

3) What backhoe attachments would I need?

It is important to make sure that you have the right attachments with the equipment depending on your need. Different types of attachments that can be used with BHL include forks and grapples, various digging buckets, tampers and breakers and other hydraulic-driven attachments like concrete saws and cold planners and many more. These attachments can help you to perform a broad range of tasks, increasing productivity and maximising the use of BHL.

4) What would be my operating cost i.e., how much would be the purchasing as well as maintenance cost?

One of the last but most important things to be kept in mind while purchasing a BHL is price consideration. Well, most of the rates at which the BHL are available on purchase are highly competitive, yet you need to ensure that you buy the BHL which fits well within your budget and does all the tasks that you want it to do. Further, it is also important to know about the maintenance cost as the equipment is highly subjective to wear and tear. If the maintenance is done properly, then the component lifecycle is extended, resale value remains high and downtime is rarely a concern. So, if you want to know the total operating cost of the equipment, you need to take all the costs into consideration.

So, in a nutshell, you need to ask some basic questions to yourself before taking the BHL purchase decision. What is needed is good planning and the required due diligence.