The Banana boom is a boom design exclusive to backhoe loaders from M&M. The name banana boom makes obvious reference to the banana like shape of the boom stick. Most backhoe loaders usually have an almost straight boom stick unlike the Earthmaster Range. When designing the boom, strength, durability, dig depth, lift height, visibility, compatibility with the hydraulics etc all need to be taken into account. Its time to dissect each of these individual factors as they pertain to the banana boom.

Strength first, the banana boom is created with minimum welding points to increase strength and durability. As an individual component the banana boom can take upto 60kN force which is saying something! Making it one of the strongest boom’s in the segment.

The boom needs to work well even in the most harsh conditions be it heat, cold, rain, humidity or salinity. The Earthmaster range has gone through 20,000 hours of rigours testing in addition to 1500 hours of salt testing to ensure that no climatic condition proves to be a match for the machines. There are hardly any other machines in the Indian market can boast of such numbers.

The unconventional banana shape of the boom gives it a record 15% higher dig depth at 4.22 meters compared to other machines in the same segment. A higher dig depth directly translates to better performance and eventually more moolah for the owners. The banana shape of the boom gives the Earthmaster range a clear digging advantage over machines with the straight type boom.

The design of the banana boom, makes it easy to conceal the more sensitive parts of the hydraulics while at the same time providing better visibility to the operator. The design of the boom keeps the hydraulics protected, thereby reducing the costs of repair and replacement. The boom is designed to support hydraulic system pressures as high as 250 Bars which is the highest amongst its closest competitors.

The banana boom is powered by some of the best hydraulics seen in the industry today. Hydraulic cylinders from Dantal Wipro, Hydraulic pump and valve from Parker and Husco, USA respectively while the hose come from Gates Imperial, USA. Some of the best individual parts have come together in support to make the banana boom the front runner that it is today.

Adding oomph to the hydraulics is the indigenous DITEC engine from Mahindra & Mahindra which is both Euro III and BS3 compliant making it suitable for most international markets too. It is this DITEC engine that powers the hydraulics that are the secret to the high performing revolutionary Banana boom. 250 bars is the system pressure that hydraulics can exert, which is 22-60 bars higher than some off its closest competitors. Higher pressure translates to faster job completion and eventual savings in terms of both time and money. Each small component makes a sizeable difference to the owner’s final balance sheet.

The banana boom achieves a higher dig depth without compromising on the end forces and utilisation of the high pressure. A king post travel range of 1.190 meters supported by the unconventional boom ensures that the Earthmaster range can operate in relatively congested areas and near the wall digging areas. The banana boom easily supports a 0.27 CuM bucket. The advanced mechanical levers and joystick used to operate the boom make it a breeze for the operators letting them comfortably operate longer hours without the generally associated fatigue. All these features help make the machine a pleasure for the operator to work the machine even n the canniest of job sites.

All said and done it is safe to say that the Banana boom design does indeed extend the performance of its backhoes while at the same time paying for itself at a much faster rate.