In todays construction world, every contractor’s or construction company’s main goal is to enhance productivity and save time. For that, they take all the possible steps from buying the right equipment to maintaining it regularly. However, one thing that makes the major difference is technology inside the cab that helps operators boost productivity. It is for the same reason that these days most of the Construction Equipment (CE) like Backhoe Loaders (BHLs) employs built-in advanced technology and features to help you meet the deadlines and increase productivity.

Further, at a time when there is lack of good operators, comfortable machines with advanced systems and controls to optimise performance regardless of skill level has become the need of the hour. Thus today, seat-mounted or fully adjustable controls with critical machine functions located at the operator’s finger tip have become normal for the present-day highly advanced BHLs. Also, integration of the operator interface with improved ergonomic design into the machine controls has evolved substantially over the past decade.

When talking about the technologically advanced CE, then Mahindra Construction Equipment’s (MCE) Mahindra EarthMaster BHL model cannot be over looked. Here is the list of all the technologies that is employed by MCE’s Mahindra EarthMaster BHL models inside the cab to boost the overall productivity at the jobsite...

1. Intelligent REMOTECARE feature: The revolutionary REMOTECARE feature of Mahindra EarthMaster VX model allows operators to get complete control over the equipment. It is an intelligent communication system that keeps the business owner or operator constantly informed about the machine through mobile phone based SMS updates. Be it business information like daily work reports or warnings like low fuel, filter clogging, engine oil pressure, operators can get constant updates about their equipment 24*7. Since this is preventative in nature, it helps prevent major breakdown of the equipment.

2. Joystick operated effortless power controls: The VX model of Mahindra EarthMaster also offers specially designed Joystick operated effortless power controls that are not only easy to use but also minimise fatigue. Also called as pilot controls or pilot joysticks, joystick controls increase the productivity considerably by reducing wrist and arm force and hand and wrist movement, thereby, enabling the operator to work for long hours. These controls are usually used to manoeuvre the complex system to make heavy duty work seem much easier and effortless than it actually is. Overall, the joystick controls make for accurate and smooth power control. Thus, gone are the days of pushing manual levers, joystick controls have come to make the life easy, simple and less tiring for the operators.

3. New age digital cluster with audio-visual warning in six different languages: Mahindra EarthMaster VX model comes with a Radio with a 2-way speaker system that helps the operator identify and troubleshoot problems. It facilitates communication with the operator and through him, with people on the site. It is supposed to be the most effective and useful technology in congested and large sites without mobile network. This technology efficiently helps in improving the communication system of the complex BHL. Further, operators in different regions of India can read messages and hear warnings in six different languages through this.

4. Power steering:Mahindra EarthMaster also possesses front wheel hydrostatic power steering, with priority function and pressure relief setting of 145 bar. This helps the operators in not cranking their arms as much to get the machine to turn, which reduces operator fatigue and makes it easier to manoeuvre the equipment.

5. Powerful braking system: The braking system in Mahindra EarthMaster is hydraulic power braking system.The service brakes are hydraulically-actuated, self-adjusting, maintenance-free, oil immersed multi-disc services brakes on the rear axle. They are operated by the independent foot pedals and joined together for normal operation. On the other hand, the parking brakes are hand-operated and inbuilt on the rear axle and are low-maintenance too.

6. Safe electrical and electronics: Mahindra EarthMaster possesses dust-proof switches, ignition controls for engine start, horn and reverse alarm and water and dust-proof electrical connectors.

7. Ergonomic layout and seating: Mahindra EarthMaster is highly comfortable and convenient to use. It has ergonomic layout and seating and has 21st century styling with plush car like interiors.

8. Efficient cabin structure: Not only the technology used inside the cab of Mahindra EarthMaster is praiseworthy but the cab structure of the equipment is worth noticing. Mahindra EarthMaster possesses ergonomically designed cab with day and night time visibility, rear view mirror, multiple storage options, two door access, sliding rear window, stowable doors and an integrated tool box. Further, the cabin frame is built with sturdy tubular sections and protected with CED technology for longer rust protection. Then there is fully adjustable premium operator seat with safety belt. Also, the equipment possesses excellent leg space, conveniently positioned control levers and pedals and low line curved hood to enhance operator visibility.

9. Other features: The front cluster features include speedometer and turn and head light signals among others. The right side cluster includes LCD display screen indicating RPM, kilometres run, hours run, fuel level and temperature.

In addition to the above, the cab shell structure of the Mahindra EarthMaster is modular in design with better strength. Its aesthetic surfaces are free from welding. It allows for better heat dissipation due to a corrugated design.

In a nutshell

At a time, when productivity and uptime are crucial drivers in the CE industry, where machine downtime can cost more than $1 million per day, it is highly desirable to opt for technologically advance CE. It is good to note here that the Mahindra EarthMaster is loaded with highly advanced technology inside the cab to help operators boost productivity. So, it should be definitely on your list when you are considering to buy a technologically advanced equipment for your next project!