Levelling is a job that every site requires done at some point of time or another be it a construction site, quarry or even a coal mine mine for that matter. Roads and other infrastructure projects require levelling on a regular basis too. Heavy duty graders or motor graders as they are called are usually called in to get the levelling job done. These heavy duty machines come equipped with a long blade that is used to level the site and create flat surfaces for further work. The most extensive use of these motor graders is done on road construction projects that require the road to be paved, levelled and prepared for asphalt. Many other infrastructure and industrial projects also use graders for creation of levelled flat surfaces for various purposes. For road construction these graders are used to give the road the required slope and elevation too.

Job site like quarries and industrial sites in remote locations usually do not have proper roads leading to the site. This causes a lot of hinderance when it comes to transporting man, material and machines to and from the site. This is when the graders come into picture, they are used to create and maintain temporary roads leading up to the site to sustain daily operations. The graders are regularly used to create and maintain the motor able roads for various sites. Motor graders are used to used for doing the preliminary work for paving of roads for long term road projects too. For building construction, graders are regularly used for levelling the parking areas and before laying the slab for buildings.

Motor graders are usually huge heavy duty machines and are very bulky. For most Indian companies falling in the small to medium size category the humongous graders are a complete no no since the size of their job site are relatively very small and the large graders are too big and expensive for the job at hand. Most companies manufacturing motor graders for India come from developed countries where the ground reality is quite different from the ground reality in their homelands. In developed countries the roads are much larger as compared to the Indian roads which are relatively much narrower. Developing countries like India have a larger portion of their roads in rural areas and require relatively smaller graders that are made to suit the Indian ground reality instead of the fancy imports that the market is full off.

With the government giving a heads up to many nation and state highways in addition increasing the rate of road constructed per day, motor graders have come in great demand across the country. While the large motor graders are perfect for the highways, they are not that suitable for rural roads. These roads still depend on labor and bull dozers for their levelling jobs which is both time and labor intensive as compared to using the smaller motor graders.

Another range of projects requiring extensive use of motor graders are the airports, irrigation, smart cities and construction and development of ports. Airports require large sites to be levelled properly for lying down the runways. Levelling the runways to the exact same level and perfect inclination are a task left better to the motor graders as compared to manual labor which leads to level issues due to inexperienced and untrained labor handling the work. Additionally using manual labor increase the time line and capital used for the project which can easily be done faster and better with the use of a grader.

Similar is the case for the new coal mining blocks that have been allotted. Coal mines are usually located in remote places farther away from the city and villages. These mines do not have proper roads to bring the equipment in and access for heavy machines to bring the coal out for processing. Motor graders are brought in to construct levelled and paved temporary roads that are required to sustain operations for incoming and outgoing flow of man, machine and material. Motor graders come in handy for various such sites in remote locations where access is limited due to lack of paper roads.

Motor graders are the perfect grading machines no matter what the size of your job site or its location. These days indigenous graders are available that are better suited to the requirements of small job site and roads across rural India for a pocket friendly price. Bulky or small, motor graders are a solid buy when wanting to get the perfect grading done for your job sites and looking to increase your profit margins. Mini graders in particular come in very handy to maintain the good quality of work on your job site to meet the grade.