Lets take a quick look at the various attachments from the house of Mahindra construction equipment that are all set to add more value to your business.

Quick Coupler: The quick coupler from the house of Mahindra is designed to couple and uncouple standard buckets with your earth master fast and easy. The quick coupler helps make your backhoe loader a multi tool carrier. The quick coupler is designed for high standards of safety and efficiency. It comes with a high visibility safety loo pin that helps prevent accidents due to loss of bucket or other attached attachment. the designs enables faster and easier interchanging of attachments. It is designed for durability and has a hardened steel jaw to minimise wear and tear over time and use. the coupler is operated mechanically with a spring loaded lock and can be released with a tommy bar.

The coupler is so easy and efficient to use that one can change attachments within a minute. It even extends the life of the pivot pins since the coupler doest require any hammering action for change of attachments. The coupler was designed to be fully integrated with Mahndra equipments. Weighing at 76kgs, the mechanically operated coupler comes with a 342mm mounting pin c.d and is used in the power distribution sector, at quarries and during construction of roads.

Centralised Lubrication System (CLS): The CLS comes with a 4kg capacity and a 2.8cc/minute grease output. The grease pump is driven with a 12V electric motor and also comes in a manual option. The CLS can be used with MCE lubricants upto grade NLGI II . Continuous and adequate greasing is a must for machines to make good time and to keep wear and tear at minimal possible. The continuous lubrication from the CLS keeps the machine and its working part in a good condition and supports maximum up time and smooth functioning. Regular greasing reduces the overall cost of maintenance and operation and makes it easier for the operator alone to run the machine,

The CLS is an efficient way of reducing wear and tear of moving and or rotating parts of the machine there by increasing the life of the machine. Additionally it even prevents breakdowns and failures due to poor practices. The CLS is usually used for greasing machine pins and bushings. The CLS is a simple way to keep the machine protected from any possible harm due to negligence and or poor practices of people handling the machine.

Pole Erector: This is another good attachment to have in one’s kitty. It is used to erect overhead electricity distribution poles, farm fencing,industrial fencing, moving wooden logs and putting street poles in place amongst other things. The pole erector very easily handles poles upto 8 inches wide,upto 17 meters tall and weights upto 650kgs. the pole erector form Mahindra Construction equipment has 30% better length and weight handling capacity than its competing counterparts.

As a matter of fact the pole erector saves upto 50% costs 20 times the time as compared to manual operations. The attachment added to the Earth master provides the operator with the comfort of a cabin, lesser fatigue, clutch free operations and last but not the least ergonomically optimised single lever operation for clamping and rotation. The attachment works 4 times faster than a tractor attachment and has better safety features too. The attachment’s feature’s mean increased profitability and productivity to the contractor.

The attachment comes with counter balance to protect the clamp and rotation circuit to prevent accidental dropping of the pole. For the hydraulic cylinders to maintain the pole working range,the rotation cycle has a built in mechanical stop. Additionally the machine stability meets international standards when using the attachment.

Sugarcane grabber: This attachment works well for grabbing and moving materials like sugar cane. The attachment has a solid 1 ton lifting capacity and a 2719 mm reach at ground and 1010 mm bucket opening length. Compared to competitors and tractor attachments the sugarcane grabber has a bigger working envelope and 9% better reach. The grabber has a higher reach and dump height of 5334 mm. The attachment saves 50% costs as compared to manual operations and works 16 times faster. This eventually amounts to better profitability and productivity to the farmer.

The attachment has clutch free operations due to torque convertor base operations. The attachment comes with a sturdy and durable front axle for rating up to load. The design and components of the grabber are optimised for better performance in addition to optimised hydraulics for trouble free performance. The hoses and pipes in the attachment are placed neatly to avoid clutter. The Earth Master provides for increased safety and comfort in addition to providing for clutch free fatigue free operations.