Backhoe Loader (BHL) is one heavy equipment that is most commonly seen at any construction site. This is because, it is a highly versatile equipment and very useful for digging, trenching and transporting light materials. Therefore, it is employed for construction of roads, building, landscaping, excavations, breaking asphalt etc.

Being the most in-demand equipment, it is generally highly priced and involves a lot of capital but it is a long-term and one-time investment. Thus, a lot of research is needed while selecting the right backhoe for the job. Research is not only needed for selecting the most appropriate model and make but for choosing the right backhoe loader supplier too. This is because it is the supplier who is responsible for providing you both the initial consultation on the purchase and then back that purchase with all the necessary post-sale support.

Given that there are numerous suppliers in the market having an array of models and brands, contractors are often confused and find it difficult to zero down on any one of the backhoe supplier. Hence, here are some tips to help you choose the best backhoe supplier…

How to select your backhoe supplier?

1. Choose a supplier whose equipment fulfils all your need: Given the fact that backhoes come in various sizes and capacity, it is always better to choose a supplier having a wide range of equipment as it will give you a choice to choose the one that fits best to your needs. Many times, contractors buy a backhoe which does not have the feature they want and thus, end up buying another machinery to support the backhoe. Thus, it’s better to choose a supplier whose equipment fulfils all your needs.

2. Choose a branded company: It is always better to go for a quality BHL from a reputed company or supplier like Mahindra Construction Equipment, JCB India etc. this is because, these companies are known for their better quality, innovative, energy-saving and high performance backhoes. Further, while dealing with these companies, you can expect professional service and excellent after-sales service.

3. Look for a supplier who gives after-sales service: Post-sales service is often one of the primary components that can ensure long-term ROI of your purchase. Further, in spite of having one of the best backhoes and its operator at work, problems and doubts are bound to arise. Hence, it is important to choose a supplier that offer good after-sales support in terms of onsite visit and the like.

4. Customer-friendly suppliers should be given preference: Always choose a supplier who is ready to help during or after business hours.

5. Compare the prices of the suppliers: Cost of the BHL supplied by different suppliers tends to be different. Thus, you should be clear about what you want and then compare the cost of the equipment of various suppliers offering the required features. You should choose the one which fits the bill in terms of price and features.

6. Check with the suppliers for financing option: Some suppliers may offer in-house financing option too. If they do, read all the fine print and know the rate of interest involved.

7. Guarantee and warranty giving suppliers should be welcomed: Last but not the least, suppliers who are ready to give the guarantee and warranty of the equipment should always be put first in the consideration scenario. However, due attention should always be given to the length of the guarantee and warranty period.

Keep the above tips in mind and wisely select the backhoe supplier who matches all or most of the criteria.