Concrete pumps are equipment used to transfer liquid mixed cement from the container to where it needs to be filled. Depending on the requirement of your projects you can buy either of the two types of concrete pumps that are easily available across India. First are the bigger ones usually used on the larger sites and huge road and highway projects. These are usually mounted on a truck or a semi trailer and have an automatic robotic arm to accurately palace the concrete as required. The larger ones save on labour costs and can pump huge volumes of concrete at a very high rate.

Then come the second alternative type of concrete pumps which are better preferred by small and mid size players in the industry. These are again mounted on a truck or a trailer. The outlet of these pumps need to have a steel or some other type of flexible hose attached to the outlet to transport the concrete to the desired location by means of connected pipes and or hoses. The volume pumped by these is usually much lesser and slower compared to the automated robotic boom in the other type of pump.

When wanting to buy a concrete pump that is out for sale here is a look at the possible options and how to go about with them. These days you can get a very good estimate about the market value of a particular machine online sitting in the comfort of your home. You can either go online and visit various portals like olx, quicker etc that have listing s for almost all types of things imaginable. Or you can go on to website that specialise in dealing with new, refurbished or old heavy machinery. On the other hand you can visit the local stores in your area that deal with such machinery.

Before you decide where you will go spending your hard earned moolah, decide wether your business calls for a new machine or a second hand one will do. Once that is decided check the over all impact of expense on your balance sheet to see if the machine can pay for itself and earn profits for you too. If yes, you can go for the decided machine. In case of a new one, check the specks on the machine to see if it fits in your budget, meets your job requirements, has adequate service centre in the vicinity and after sales support.

If buying a second hand one, buy it from an industry trusted seller. Get the machine checked by an expert for structural and functional integrity in addition to getting a good price quote for the machine in question. While machines can be brought online, its better to personally check them before finalising the machine and paying up for it. Check all your available options properly to get the best possible machine at a good price instead of hurrying into it and paying more for a mediocre machine that will ask for more repairs than it is worth.