A mini grader by definition is a miniaturised version of the full size graders. Like its larger counterpart, the mini graders are used to give the top surface of roads a finer finish. the graders come to work after the dozers have done all the heavy work and before the asphalt is laid to create the final layer of the roads. Additionally for the unpaved roads, the mini grader can be used to level the top layer of the road. Graders both large and mini ones are an integral part of the road maintenance fleets across the country.

A mini grader is a smaller version of a larger grader but only in terms of the size. The size of the mini graders is rather misleading, given how power packed these machines are. The small size helps the machine operate in smaller crowded spaces with a small tuning radius. Plus the graders are gentle on the top layer of the soil and provide for a refined finish.

Before considering buying a mini grader, one needs to understand if they actually need to buy one. One should check the available fleet, the expected work projections, the company’s financial state and the additional expenses that are involved in buying a new mini grader. Ensure that you take into account the storage, insurance, maintenance, fuel and repair costs in the equation. At the end of the day, buying a mini grader should show increased profits in your bank statement.

Check your current fleet and if the new purchase will add value to your existing fleet. If buying an attachment for one of the existing machines can do the same work than the attachment is a better option as compared to buying a new one.

Most big brands in the country have mini graders on their product list and are easy to buy. One should however check as to which brand’s spare parts and service centres are easily accessible. Post sales service and easy availability are a must when buying any kind of heavy equipment not just a mini grader. Additionally one should check the availability of payment options in terms of lower interest rates, flexible payment options and EMI options. Once you have finalised the band, pick your specific model that suits your requirements.

Specifications of the machines need to be checked against your current and future requirements. Its best to review the machines online and from people who are currently using it. If possible get your operator to test drive the machine you are planning on buying so you know what to expect after you have brought the machine and if the operator is comfortable with it. incase it is a rather sophisticated variant that you are opting for, then ask the seller for training options for your operator.

The machine in question, especially if you are planning on buying an old second hand one needs to be checked thoroughly from top to bottom and under it. The machine should be checked for structural integrity and repairs if any to the machine. The insurance, guarantees and warranties should be checked as should be the past work and maintenance log of the machine for any anomalies.

The new machines need to be checked for the the various guarantees and or warranties that it comes with. Additionally check the service and maintenance options available after purchasing the machine. Insurance for the machines at times is provided complimentary by the sellers and if not, its best to ask the sellers for the best available options.

Mini graders can be brought both online and offline and both have their own sets of pros and cons. When buying online check for the sellers reputation and their background through reviews. When ordering online, you may not have multiple payment options and barely any add on services are available. The brick and mortar stores on the other hand have place for human interactions, add on services and possible price negotiations.

Ensure that your have enough space for proper storage of the machine and a trained team for its operation and maintenance. Ensure that there is a regular service and maintenance plan in place when you buy a new mini grader. Lack of skilled and trained operators can burn a rather large hole in your profits in the long run. Ensure that the fuel consumption of the machine is in favour your profit statements at the end of the day.

One can get in touch with a competitor to understand the nuances of buying a new machine and how to get the best possible deal when buying the machine. Getting inside information will help you get the best comprehensive deals for your machine, its maintenance, post sales services and insurance if not more. Do your homework well before putting in your hard earned moolah.